The Scope of the Project – and what IS Grinnell Web?

Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012 5:47 pm


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Leonya Ivanov

When users visit any page under, they do (and should) consider it all as simply “Grinnell’s Website”. It is, however, a large collection of web-enabled servers that perform different functions and use different tools and techniques.

First, of course, there is PioneerWeb - the College’s “Intranet” - designed to be limited to internal communications. There are also a number of servers that perform dedicated functions, like Campus CalendarCampus Directory, or Library Catalog. Finally, there are servers that, functionally or historically, live outside of space, such as Loggia and Athletics. 

From the user’s point of view, this collection of servers should function as one, connected and related experience. Tackling it as a whole, however, would make the project too big to handle at once. So at this stage of the web renovation, we will only work with the pages located directly on the We will not, however, forget about the goal of the meaningful user experience: even in this iteration, we will come up with the style guide and a set of visual templates to apply to the entire College’s web presence. The next step will be to work on all of the servers, one by one. Which is why we invite your comments about anything and everything you find under Grinnell’s website, even if it’s not in the scope of the current stage of web renovation.