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Photos from March 8, 2008 exhibit to fund Goto's rehabilitation, Courtesy of Yuki Goto ’08 and Ryan Murphy. See My Story: Yuki Goto '08.

Portrait picture
Yuki Goto '08
Yuki and Friends
The Friends of Yuki organized the event to help raise funds for Yuki's rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury at the Rusk Institute in New York. Pictured here are:(back row, l to r) Sam Lancaster '08, Ben Schrager '08, Emily Stewart '08, James Fuller '08, Liza Coburn '09, Ioannis Loukakis '08, Wyatt Montague '08, and Jelal Younes '09;(front row, l to r) Madi Salander '08, Megan Germer '08, Yuki Goto '08, Graciela Paz Arias '08, and Benj Wagman '08
Liza Coburn '09 and Yuki Goto '08 both survived a car accident in 2006 -- Coburn with several broken bones and other injuries, and Goto with a traumatic brain injury. Both are celebrating their recoveries.
Yuki in front of his pictures
Yuki Goto's photography was on exhibit March 8 at the Grinnell Coffee Company at a special event arranged by his friends on campus.
Spiral stairs
White Clouds in the blue sky over the mast of a ship
Full moon reflecting over the sea at night
Monochromatic picture of the East Campus loggia
Beautiful night sky in Grinnell
Statue of man high up under the clear blue skies
wild fruits in the winter
Symmetry and a patch of the blue skies with clouds
Instrumentalists playing their guitar
Beautiful night sky
Beautiful white bird hovering over the surface of the water body
Skateboarder in action
Picture of a train track on a nice sunny day
Huge tree
AN eye of some yellow creature
5 ducks swimming in a crystal clear water body on a nice day
A twirled, yellow leaf on a tree
Bare tree in the middle of nowhere on a sunny winter day
some living organism with tentacles
close up of yellow-skinned reptile's eye

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