Friday, Jan. 4, 2013 2:24 am


The changes in Drupal are far-reaching and can easily feel overwhelming. Here are three features that are worth taking the time to get to know. They'll make your life better.

Paste as Plain Text

Unfortunately, pasted text from Word, Excel, Outlook, or even a browser often includes "junk code" that helped format it in the program from which you copied. Any time you want to paste text into the WYSIWYG editor, use the "Paste as Plain Text" button. It's to the right of the Styles drop down and looks like a clipboard with a small "T" on it. Clicking on the button launches a popup window. Just paste your text into that, click, insert and you're good to go!

Learn more about Paste as Plain Text.

Relative Links

Linking in Drupal is a little different from BornFree. Getting it right the first time will save you head aches later. Here's all you need to know.

If you want to link to any page not on (such as or, just enter the full address starting with the "http://..."  This is called an "absolute link."

If you want to make a link to a page on

That's it!

Learn more about Making Links.


"Paste as Plain Text," "Relative Links," and "Headings" are all headings on this page. ("Heading 2"s to be precise!)

Headings are important for many reasons:

  • They improve search results (!)
  • They make the page easier to read for those who can't see the screen
  • They make the page easier to scan for those who can see the screen

By using headings to outline your page (rather than just bold or italic text), you tell search engines what the most important pieces of text on the page are.

To make a heading, select the text that should head a section of text and select the appropriate heading from the drop down menu that either says "Format" or "Paragraph".

All headings on a particular section of a site are styled in the same way so a reader can get used to the text clues that help them scan a page. If you pay to have some custom design work done on your page, all your headings can be styled differently with just a few lines of code!

Learn more about Headings.

BONUS TIP: /allnodes

"allnodes" is a page of the new Drupal site intended to help site editors find the pesky pages that have escaped their reach.

Using the powerful exposed filters for searching, a user can only look at Events edited by themselves in the past 17 days or only sites with titles starting with "Hippo" that were created by your colleague.

When browsing the site or using My Sections isn't enough, head on over to click "Find A Node" in the Site Manager menu.