Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013 1:51 am

In order to keep you informed about progress in the work to make sure meets your needs as well as the College's marketing priorities, I wanted to update you on the latest fixes and improvements:

  • Staffing: We have hired a full-time, very experienced temporary staffer, Kabenla Armah '04,  to help us work through the tickets and critical work for at least the next 4–6 weeks. 
  • Audit: With the College's Interactive team, Kabenla will do a full audit of each department and office's area of If your department has already done your own review and sent us change requests, Kabenla and our staff will review your list against the site and ensure that your requests have been completed. If you have not sent us a list of revisions, we will request a meeting with your appointed faculty and staff representatives to compile such a list. The audit will include: fixing all broken links, verifying that faculty/staff are showing up where they should be, importing documents and files, and re-creating web forms. Once each audit is complete and the updates are implemented, we will request a second meeting with your departmental representatives to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome. A preliminary schedule for these meetings is now posted on the new website. As you can see, we have a long list of meetings to conduct, so expect this phase to last up to six weeks. We appreciate your patience while we work to meet your needs.
  • Ticketing for urgent issues: If you have immediate issues or concerns that you feel must be addressed without waiting for the audit, please submit a ticket through our web support request system.
  • Submitting new content: Throughout the audit process Communications will post news items to the site as requested, both for the front page and your department/office pages. We encourage you to use the news submission form to send us this content. Communications will also consider these submissions for possible publication across all of the College's media resources, including press releases, print publications, and social media. We will contact you about any such plans to ensure your consent. Please continue to request all other content revisions, except for news items, through the web support request form.
  • Calendar integration: This work is progressing well. By the end of next week, you will be able to submit events to through the same process you already use to reserve space in the calendar application. As part of that space-request process, Conference Operations staff will then ask you whether you want your event to publish to the web. If you do, they will check a box on their form to make the event publishable. Please note that you can still opt to schedule a room or space without having your event appear on the web. This is essential for confidential or sensitive events such as student conduct hearings. 
  • Menu improvements: We are making excellent progress on developing a new single-level main menu. In addition to combining the main menu items and Quick Links, a link to the Pioneer Athletics website will be added to the top of the home page. This is very important for prospective students, many of whom are student-athletes or otherwise interested in our athletics programs as a component of the Grinnell experience. Look for these changes to appear on the site by the end of next week.

Once again, please submit all website changes and fixes through our web support request system. If you do not receive a response to your ticket, or if you have additional questions, please contact Sarah Anderson, Director of Interactive Communications, at anderssa[at]grinnell[dot]edu

For now we will continue to send you these updates on a weekly basis, so you know progress is being made. 

Thank you once more for your patience and support. We are making steady progress toward a site that meets both our external and internal needs.