New Faces in the Libraries

We welcome two new Library Research Tutors this spring: Meg Rudy '14 (undeclared) and Liz Holmes '13 (Psychology). Liz, Meg and our returning tutors – Kim Steele, Biva Rajbhandari, Victoria Vertilo and Mateo Jarquin – will provide research tips and strategies online and at Burling's Research Desk. Please stop by!

Amy Brown arrives at the Grinnell College Libraries with a B.A. in Elementary Education. She’s spent the last four years working in Bolton, England for an Iowa company, Musco Lighting. Amy spent 8 years in the Navy on active duty, and another 4 years in the Naval Reserves. Amy will be in Acquisitions and you may hear from her with follow-ups to your requests for library materials.

New Tools and Databases

Mergent Online: This contains the online versions of Mergent industrial manual, Mergent international manual, Mergent bank and finance manual, Mergent OTC industrial manual, Mergent OTC unlisted manual, and Mergent public utility and transportation manual. Also includes: U.S. company data ; U.S. Annual Reports; International company data; International Annual Reports; Corporate Visibility (fka Moody’s Manuals); and Equity Pricing/Historical Stock Prices.

Journal of the Civil War Era (Society for Civil War Historians/University of North Carolina Press): Covers military, political, and legal history; slavery and antislavery; labor and capitalism; expansionism and empire; and Native American, African American and women’s history. The Richards Civil War Era Center at Pennsylvania State University provides this journal with an editorial home.

Linguistic Typology (Association for Linguistic Typology/Mouton de Gruyter Mouton): Peer-reviewed articles and reviews on linguistic diversity and uniformity within a typological framework.

Library Policy Changes of Note

  • Headphones are still available for check-out, but will be for library use only.
  • Due date slips will no longer be automatically printed when items are checked out, but will still be available upon request. If you are not sure when items are due, you can check your library account online by signing in with your Grinnell College username and password.

Library Exhibitions - Current and Upcoming

Grinnellians in the Era of Disunion: Though it may not have been the center of the conflict, the Iowa Civil War experience was emblematic of national divisions. Iowans contributed greatly to the Union War effort both on the battlefield and home front. Many men from the town of Grinnell and students from Iowa College joined the Union Army. In fact, the majority of the freshman class of 1861 left the college to go to war. This exhibit explores not only how Grinnellians engaged in the actual War, but also how they were involved in the debate over slavery before the War and how they commemorated veterans after the War.

Titles Added to Our Reference Collection

Encyclopedia of African American History, 1619-1895: from the colonial period to the age of Frederick Douglass (print and online): In nearly 700 entries, this set documents the full range of the African American experience during the period from the arrival of the first slave ship to the death of Frederick Douglass, and shows how all aspects of American culture, history, and national identity have been profoundly influenced by the experience of African Americans.

Encyclopedia of African American History, 1896 to the present: from the age of segregation to the twenty-first century (print and online): Focusing on the making of African American society from the 1896 "separate but equal" ruling of Plessy v. Ferguson up to the contemporary period, this encyclopedia traces the transition from the Reconstruction Era to the age of Jim Crow, the Harlem Renaissance, the Great Migration, the Brown ruling that overturned Plessy v. Ferguson, the Civil Rights Movement, and the ascendant influence of African- American culture on the American cultural landscape.

Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, 2nd ed. (online): In 2,400 entries, The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion covers more than three millennia of Jewish religious thought, custom, law, and practice, from traditional approaches to Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and post-denominational Judaism. Brief definitions and longer essays, all supplemented with bibliographies, enlighten readers about the major figures, folklore, and events in the history of Judaism throughout the world.

Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature (online): This award-winning Encyclopedia surveys the vibrant terrain of American literature in 350 essays from leading scholars, encompassing the range and depth of American literary history from the 1600s to the present day. The Encyclopedia includes essays on poets, playwrights, essayists, and novelists, as well as major works and essays on literary movements, periods, and themes. Articles within this resource offer historical perspective and social context along with a range of possibilities with regard to critical approach.

Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature (online): This Encyclopedia provides comprehensive coverage of literature from the Abbey Theatre to Israel Zangwill, covering the entire history of literature in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland in the major literary languages (Anglo-Saxon, English, Welsh, Scots, Irish, and Latin). It includes substantial accounts of individual authors (e.g., Spenser, Pope, Austen) and detailed histories of particular themes, movements, genres, and institutions, whose impact upon the writing or the reading of literature was significant (e.g., The Stationers' Company, the sonnet, the School of Night, or the Sublime).

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