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  • Student jobs on campus are funded by Grinnell College and the Federal Government. Grinnell offers jobs first to students with demonstrated financial need, however, many jobs are available on campus for students without demonstrated financial need. Students who work eight or nine hours a week can expect to earn about $2,200 during the academic year.
  • New students receiving need-based Federal Work-study or Grinnell Employment will be assigned their first job. New students receiving non-need-based Campus Employment will be assigned if positions are still available. Returning students are expected to return to their previous position. All students are free to search for new positions at any time.
  • All students must complete employment forms during New Student Orientation or at the Office of the Cashier before beginning employment. Questions regarding work eligibility should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

Federal Work-Study

  • Federally-subsidized student employment based on financial need
  • Eligible to perform community service for work-study award
  • Not less than $7.75 per hour

Campus Employment & Grinnell Work-Study

  • College-sponsored student employment
  • Not less than $7.75 per hour

Pay Categories