Medical Attention

Grinnell Regional Medical Center (GRMC) Emergency Room
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
210 4th Avenue
(641) 236-2380

Student Health and Counseling Services (SHACS)
Open Monday-Friday, 8-5pm
Lower Level, Forum
1119 Sixth Ave
(641) 269-3230

Title IX Coordinator

Angela Voos
Nollen House, 1121 Park St.
(641) 269-4999

Grinnell Advocates

Grinnell Advocates
On-Call, 24 hrs
(641) 260-1615


Chaplain’s Office
Open Monday-Friday, 8-5pm
Center for Religion, Spirituality, and Social Justice (CRSSJ)
1233 Park Street
(641) 269-4981

Campus Security

Campus Safety and Security Office
1432 East St.
(641) 269-4600 (On-call, 24 hrs)

Grinnell Police

Grinnell Police Department
927 Fourth Avenue
Call 911 for immediate help, or call (641) 623-5679 for the Police Department Dispatch Center.


Task Force on Safety, Responsibility, and Prevention

President Kington’s commitment to prevention of sexual misconduct and substance abuse required an examination and plan to improve how the college community prevents incidents of sexual misconduct alongside a review of how we respond to allegations and acts of sexual misconduct.  To address the first, President Kington appointed a Task Force on Safety, Responsibility, and Prevention whose main purpose is to propose a concrete program for our campus to prevent sexual misconduct, alcohol abuse, and violence, all of which have been found to be tightly related. The members of the task force include:

Andrea Conner | Dean of Students and Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Conduct Process 

Sarah Anderson '98 | Director of Interactive Communications

Tyler Anderson '16 

Poonam Arora | Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer

Opeyemi Awe '15 | President - SGA

Sarah Barks | Assistant Director for Graduate and Professional School Advising

Steve Briscoe | Director of Campus Safety & Security

Tess Cody | Crisis Intervention Specialist

Iulia Iordache '15 | Vice President for Student Affairs – SGA

Jennifer Jacobsen '95 | Wellness Director and Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Prevention ​

Kristin Lovig | Director of Human Resources

Austin McKenney '15 

Jeff Pedersen | Head Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics  ​

Chris Ralston | Assistant Professor of Psychology

Deanna Shorb | Dean of Religious Life and Chaplain and Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Confidential Response and Support

Bailey Thompson | Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Case Management and Strategic Planning Assistant 

Mae Turley | Director of Annual Giving 

Angela Voos | Chief of Staff, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Title IX Coordinator

Kaitlin Wilcox | Assistant Director of Analytic Support and Institutional Research

Autumn Wilke | Assistant Director of Residence Life and Orientation


Harm Reduction Committee
The Harm Reduction Committee addresses topics concerning alcohol and other drug abuse prevention. The committee is comprised of students, staff, and faculty, and its role is to make recommendations regarding policy, procedure, and best practices.