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Theme 2014-15: "A Century of War: 1914 and Beyond"

These events will explore the social, political, and cultural transformations brought about by the First World War and the ways in which these have been debated, represented, and recorded in different humanist disciplines and fields of study. Our goal is to mark the centenary of the Great War, but also to discuss how the phenomenon of war continues to shape a culture of violence. We also wish to examine its consequences for global relations and the military-capitalist nexus that undergirds states and nations and for those domestic policies and attitudes towards weapons, which affect our understanding of the concept of 'freedom.'

Interest Group Meeting
Tuesday, September 9

4:15 pm, Macy House

  • Come learn about the Center’s programs for the upcoming year
  • Suggest ideas you would like to see the Center support
  • Elect new members to the Advisory Board

Refreshments will be served.


Center for Humanities speaker Nick Wilding will discuss "Machinations: Plotting the Early Modern World"

Join Grinnellians and others on for a global tour right here in Iowa.