Grinnell College is better known for contributing record percentages of its graduates to Ph.D. programs and the Peace Corps than for its alumni in business careers.

But Grinnellians have long applied their innovative minds, independent spirits, wide-ranging curiosities and interdisciplinary perspectives to public-sector careers — often with spectacular results.

In the Fall 2012 issue of The Grinnell Magazine on Grinnellians in business:

Three alumni who have each transformed the way we live talk about the education that caused them to imagine — and create — the future in “Grinnovators.”

“Game Changers” features alumni who are rewriting the rules of business culture, publishing, and health care delivery.

“Business as Unusual” reveals the unconventional paths and unexpected destinations of some Grinnellian careers.

In “Why Are They So Good at It?” business school professors, recent Grinnell MBA graduates, and the College’s business school adviser talk about why liberal arts graduates are equipped to excel in the business world.

Along the way we’ll hear from James Lowry ’61, who changed the face of American business; Joel Spiegel ’78, who led Amazon’s retailing revolution; Hilary Mason ’00, who is helping invent the new discipline of data science; and Amy Scott ’97, who talks about she went from being a student “suspicious of capitalism” to covering Wall Street for American Public Media’s Marketplace.

All of the above — plus campus news and 12 colorful pages of class notes — is coming to your mailbox in October, or you can download The Grinnell Magazine Fall 2012 (PDF).

We hope you enjoy the issue and encourage you to email us with your thoughts and responses.


Dan Weeks ’80

Editor, The Grinnell Magazine