Digital or print?

I would love to read The Grinnell Magazine on my iPad. We travel a lot and it would be nice to stay caught up with some of our magazines. Thanks, Arlo!
Hedda Haymond Smithson ’62 Fair Oaks, Calif.

No! I do not want to be on Arlo’s List and lose the wonderful The Grinnell Magazine! I have saved more than six years of this prizewinning and stimulating publication, in real print! Please see my views on loss of print in my poem [above].
Merle Fischlowitz ’53 San Diego, Calif.

Rest assured we have no plans to eliminate the print issue of the magazine. And thanks for the poem! — Ed.

I’m a big fan of The Grinnell Magazine, but I’m also a very mobile young alumnus. So far, I’ve saved several issues of the magazine that I like to refer back
to, but this habit is becoming logistically untenable. I see that you have PDFs of some back issues available, but it seems that not all of the archives are online. Is there a timeline for all of the issues to be available online? I would love to be able to recycle my back issues while knowing I can still refer back to all of my favorite articles.
Ian Bone ’09 Seattle, Wash.

Great idea! We’re currently working on a major upgrade of the College website. Once that’s complete, we’ll be better able to host PDFs of back issues, and we’ll start putting them up. We’ll let everyone know which issues we post as we post them, so you can revisit your favorite issues on-screen. Thanks for the suggestion! — Ed.

I read this issue of The Grinnell Magazine on my phone — who have I become?!
Matthew Zmudka ’11 Madison, Wis.