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Student Employment

Global Development Studies occasionally hires a student who has shown particular interest in and dedication to the concentration (i.e. through SEPC work) to undertake research or develop web material.

For more information or to learn about options, please contact Monty Roper.


The Student Educational Policy Committee, or SEPC, is a student-faculty liaison group which provides faculty with student input on professors, candidates, curriculum, and other departmental issues. It also organizes social events within the department.

Rosenfield Grant

Rosenfield Grant

The Rosenfield Grant supports internships in the areas of public affairs, international relations, and/or human rights. The Committee interprets this mandate broadly, but it will be up to the student to articulate the connection of their internship to one or more of these program areas. Students are required to meet with the Chair before applying. The Committee conducts an interview and selection process for their internship grants. Delivery of two public presentations about their internship on campus is required following completion of the internship. 


Each Global Development Studies concentrator is required to complete at least one internship or independent study. Most students either participate in an off-campus study program that includes an internship or complete a graded summer internship program that works in coordination with the Career Development Office. Many students set up their own internships they learn about through off-campus studies or other students.