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Jennifer's Story

About Jennifer

Jen Brooks, originally from Atlanta Georgia, graduated from Grinnell College in 2015 with a BA in sociology. Jen was the third Grinnell student in recent years that used a wheelchair. She also needed full-time personal care attendant (PCA) services and a communication aid in the classroom. During her time at Grinnell Jen had the opportunity to explore her passion for activism, hone her skills as a researcher (through her two internships), and develop independent living skills.

Grinnell's Accessible Van

The College has a 2008 Grand Caravan that was converted to an accessible van by AMS Vans in Norcross, Georgia.

During the academic year, the accessible van is housed at and used daily by the Student Health and Counseling Services staff to transport students to medical appointments in the city of Grinnell.

The van is also used to transport a student with limited mobility: