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Kate Walker Selected as Vice President of Finance and Treasurer of the College

President Raynard Kington is pleased to announce that Kate Walker will be the next vice president of finance and treasurer of Grinnell College. Walker is currently the assistant vice president of finance for Macalester College, and she will begin work at Grinnell on October 21, 2013.

Walker will succeed Grinnell Vice President and Treasurer Karen Voss, who has for some time been planning her retirement. Voss will assist with the orientation and transition process.

Board of Trustees

The role of the College’s trustees is, and always has been, to assure the “great and lasting good” of Grinnell College. Through their commitment to institutional  stewardship, bold financial investments, and prudent management, the trustees have allowed Grinnell to develop its special character as an institution that combines academic quality with a service mission. The College’s rich history and strong endowment are a testament to its trustees’ decisions, financial acumen, dedication, and faithful service.