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Board of Trustees

The role of the College’s trustees is, and always has been, to assure the “great and lasting good” of Grinnell College. Through their commitment to institutional  stewardship, bold financial investments, and prudent management, the trustees have allowed Grinnell to develop its special character as an institution that combines academic quality with a service mission. The College’s rich history and strong endowment are a testament to its trustees’ decisions, financial acumen, dedication, and faithful service. 

Iowa Private College Week

Grinnell's daily sessions last from 9 a.m.–noon, Monday through Friday, Aug. 1-5.

Iowa Private College Week (IPCW) is a weeklong program during which independent Iowa colleges and universities invite prospective students and their families to explore their campuses. It's a great time for prospective students to learn about Grinnell’s academic and social opportunities and to meet with faculty, staff, students, and coaches.

This year, IPCW will be held Aug. 1-5. Grinnell's sessions will run from 9 a.m. until noon each day. Each session includes the following:

End-of-Course Ratings

Student Ratings of Instruction

Grinnell College uses a single, college-wide form to gather end-of-course student ratings of instruction. The instrument solicits student perceptions of how much they learned in the class and the extent to which specific elements contributed to their learning. The results from student ratings are sent to instructors and their department chairs for use in developing teaching goals; to provide feedback for personal learning, growth, and course improvement; and for use during faculty reviews.


Gathering Information Via Electronic Survey

PioneerWeb - Blackboard (A Commercial Product on Campus)

Surveys within PioneerWeb (Blackboard) are flexible and easy to construct. Participants in a survey must be members of a course or organization where the survey is deployed. An Organization may be created to include the target audience. To access the survey, participants must log into PioneerWeb. If you have questions about setting up a survey in PioneerWeb, contact Linda Ludwig at ext 4901.

Vovici (A Commercial Product hosted on web)

Holiday Schedule





OFFICIAL HOLIDAY             DATE OF HOLIDAY                   DAY OFF


Independence Day                      Thursday, July 4                    Thursday, July 4, 2013

Labor Day                                  Monday, September 2            Monday, September 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Day                      Thursday, November 28        Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day after Thanksgiving              Friday, November 29             Friday, November 29, 2013


Grinnell Grant

  • Institutional grant based on financial need

Grinnell International Student Grant

  • Institutional grant based on financial need

Federal Pell Grant

  • Federally funded grant based on financial need
  • Eligibility determined by the U.S. Department of Education and is based on the FAFSA EFC
  • Not affected by the February 1 priority deadline
  • 2012-13 awards range from $602 to $5,550 per academic year (contingent on federal funding)

Core Values

Excellence in Education for Students in the Liberal Arts

  • varied forms of learning, in and out of the classroom and beyond the campus
  • creative and critical thinking stimulated by the free, open exchange of ideas
  • education that reflects on its own process
  • excellent teaching as the highest priority of the faculty
  • active scholarship in traditional and interdisciplinary fields
  • need-blind admission of students with strong academic potential

A Diverse Community


Unemployment Compensation Insurance The state of Iowa's unemployment compensation law requires that all employees are provided with unemployment compensation insurance coverage.

For additional questions about these benefits, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 269-4818.  Questions via email may be directed to any of the following staff members:

Stacy Koehler, Associate Director of Human Resources (koehlers[at]grinnell[dot]edu)