Mentored Advanced Projects (MAP)

In a Mentored Advanced Project (MAP), you’ll work closely with a faculty member on a research or creative project that integrates the knowledge and skills you’ve gained at Grinnell. Many MAPs result in papers, presentations, performances, and exhibits that share the results of the project regionally, nationally — even internationally. Nearly 40 percent of Grinnell students complete a MAP.


"When you get something right in lab, it's like making a birdie or getting a one-putt," says Stephanie Spahr '14. She joins her mentor, chemistry professor Stephen Sieck, to share stories about "failed" experiments, organic chemistry, and finding success in the top programs in the country.


Caleb Neubauer '13 created a three-part short film installation as the culmination of his Grinnell-sponsored travels to China. He talks about how he finds inspiration, being mentored by art professor Lee Running, and coming into his own as an artist.

Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations

The Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations office pursues outside sources of funding to support the College's academic programs, faculty scholarship, and campus-wide initiatives related to pedagogy, curriculum, and teaching facilities. This includes working alongside faculty and academic program administrators to identify funding sources, write, develop budgets, and submit grant proposals, and assist others in managing and administering institutional grants. To seek support for your scholarship, please contact the office early in your planning. 


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