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Getting ready to launch

Fri, 2013-01-04 02:24 | By Anonymous (not verified)

As director of the Faulconer Gallery in Grinnell, Iowa (population 9100), I feel a deep commitment to the art and artists of the Midwest region. But--perhaps as a result--I also love to travel and discover the ways in which artists are connected to their places all over the world. In 5 days, I leave for Nanjing, China (population 6 million), where I will be teaching at one of the premier Chinese universities--Nanjing University--and exploring the art worlds of China.  Stay tuned for stories from my journey.

Changing Advisers

Fri, 2013-01-04 02:23 | By Anonymous (not verified)

Normally, a student's tutorial professor serves as the student's adviser until the student declares a major (by pre-registration in the fourth semester). Transfer students not in tutorials are assigned advisers in the department in which they have indicated an interest. However, if either the student or the adviser feels that the advising relationship is incompatible, he or she may contact the Dean for Student Success and Academic Advising about making a change. When faculty members go on leave they make arrangements for their advisees to be advised by another faculty member.


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