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Mentored Advanced Projects (MAPs)

Mentored Advanced Projects (MAPs)

Many academic programs offer a Mentored Advanced Project (MAP), either as independent study or in the context of a seminar. The MAP, closely guided by a faculty director, gives upper-level students opportunity to culminate a sequence of academic work by completing an advanced project in research or creative arts.

MAPs currently offered include: [link to department MAP offerings]

The Noun Grant

The Noun Grant

The Noun Grant supports internships that focus on women and/or LGBTQ communities and that offer students first-hand experience working for feminist, queer, and anti-racist organizations. Students are encouraged to meet with the Chair to assess the fit of their internship to the Program prior to applying.

For more information, please contact Astrid Henry.

Awards and Funding - Noun Program

Jeanne Burkel Award in Women's Studies

The award was established in 1986 through gifts in memory of Mrs. Burkle by her family and friends. She was the wife of Professor Howard Burkle. Mrs. Burkle, art historian and lecturer in Religious Studies was a strong advocate of women's studies at Grinnell College. 

This award is made at Commencement to a graduating student who, in academic and co-curricular activities, has “advanced the cause of women and gender equality.” The award this year will be in the amount of $1,000.00. 

Community Meditation

In addition to our major projects, the Peace and Conflict Studies Program provides continuing coordination and support for the small claims mediation program in Poweshiek County. On the third Mondays of every month, volunteer mediators handle cases scheduled for mediation at the Montezuma courthouse.

Volunteer small claims mediators:

Nancy Cadmus
Otto Hall
Val Vetter

A full list of undergraduate service opportunities is available through the Service Learning and Civic Engagement Program.


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