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Jasmine Gerritsen

Jasmine is a second year Posse student from Los Angeles majoring in English and is currently undergoing the education licensure tract. Along with teaching Kickboxing, she is a part of the local foods coop which promotes sustainable and locally grown foods, has participated in the women's cross-country team, and is a wellness coordinator helping to promote nutrition and fitness. In her spare time she enjoys reading and writing poetry and short stories and secretly aspires to write a book someday, preferably in the young adult genre.

Career Paths

One of the wonderful things about education is the wealth of career options within the field. While teaching is probably the most well known education-related career path, the modern world has increased exponentially the number and breadth of jobs in the field. Also, there is a growing understanding that learning and educating continue long after K-12 schooling, further increasing the number of job opportunities available.

Support the Program

This program could not exist without the generous support of Grinnell alumni, friends of the college, and the Grinnell-Newburg community. If you are interested in supporting the Careers in Education Professions program, a number of ways to get involved are listed below. If any of these opportunities appeal to you or if you have other ideas on how you can support the program, please contact Ashley Schaefer, the Lawrence S. Pidgeon Director of Grinnell Careers in Education Professions, at Schaefer[at]grinnell[dot]edu or call (641) 269-9317.

Applying to the Program

Who Can Apply?

Any first-year and second-year student in good academic standing and interested in a career in education after graduation may apply to the program. Only 3rd years who were off-campus during fall semester (2013) may apply. All other non-first or second-year students can no longer apply to the program. 

How Do I Apply?

To apply, please complete the APPLICATION found on OrgSync.

 The application will ask you to provide the following items:



Lecture Series

Each year, the Grinnell Careers in Education Professions Program will sponsor well known leaders and researchers in education to speak to Grinnell students, faculty, and staff about contemporary issues in education. On February 11, 2014, at 7:30 PM in JRC 101, we hosted Deborah Meier, a prominent leader in education reform and author of In Schools We Trust.