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Sample Academic Research Assignments

There are many ways for students to learn from the findings of their academic research.  What follows is a sampling of possibilities, and librarians are always happy to work with you to create new assignments.

Abstract or Executive Summary of a scholarly article: Students are asked to read a scholarly article and write an abstract or executive summary of it, including the author’s thesis, argument, evidence, and conclusions.

Anatomy of a Research Paper:  Students conduct the research but do not actually write the paper (for your class):

Research Tutors

The Libraries hire friendly, accomplished students to work in Burling Library as research tutors. Our tutors staff Burling’s research desk Sunday thru Thursday, 2-6 p.m. and 7-11 p.m. for a total of 40 hours each week. Tutors help students and faculty members explore potential research topics, search for and obtain relevant material, and consider a wide range of promising sources, such as peer-reviewed scholarship, newspaper articles, images, primary sources, and data, for instance.

Services for Teaching

Providing Teaching Materials

Spiraling textbook costs, a profusion of formats, ever-more-convoluted interpretations of copyright laws: we know that it's complicated to make available to your students the materials that you want them to read, and to do so affordably and legally. The Libraries offer many services to help:

Using the Burling and Kistle Libraries

Burling and Kistle Libraries contain much more than just books (although they have hundreds of thousands of those, too).

There are plentiful places to study quietly, including individual study carrels and tables in both libraries. Burling also features armchairs, bean bag chairs, and even jungle gyms. If you need to work with classmates or peer mentors, group study rooms are available in both Burling and Kistle.

Library Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC)

The Library Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC) is a student/library liaison group that provides the Libraries with student input on quality of library services, performance and hiring of librarians, and other important issues. The SEPC works with librarians and library staff to provide advice and suggestions regarding services, collections, events, facilities, library promotion, and other issues.

Library Student Employment

As an academic library, we rely heavily on our student assistants to help with many tasks such as processing and shelving library materials, and staffing public service desks at Burling, Kistle, the Burling Media Room and Special Collections. Students are hired to work in all areas of the Libraries and are directly supervised by library staff members. We tend to do the bulk of our hiring near the beginning of each semester, but occasionally have openings throughout the year. We accept applications for the academic year, as well as for all college breaks.