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Library Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC)

The Library Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC) is a student/library liaison group that provides the Libraries with student input on quality of library services, performance and hiring of librarians, and other important issues. The SEPC works with librarians and library staff to provide advice and suggestions regarding services, collections, events, facilities, library promotion, and other issues.

Library Student Employment

As an academic library, we rely heavily on our student assistants to help with many tasks such as processing and shelving library materials, and staffing public service desks at Burling, Kistle, the Burling Media Room and Special Collections. Students are hired to work in all areas of the Libraries and are directly supervised by library staff members. We tend to do the bulk of our hiring near the beginning of each semester, but occasionally have openings throughout the year. We accept applications for the academic year, as well as for all college breaks.

How to Fill Out the Request Form for Electronic Reserve

Before placing a request:

  • Make sure you have not already ordered this item. Duplicate requests slow the entire process down.
  • Check to see if you are using an original source. Anthologies and compilations should have a notice of the original copyright source. If the professor has no preference, please use an original source whenever possible.
  • Double check the book title, article title, and page numbers.
  • Match the article title to the dropbox title.

Circulation for Visitors

We welcome visitors to our libraries and will be happy to assist you in using our collections while you are in the buildings. All of our book and periodical stacks are open for browsing. Our electronic subscriptions are generally available for your use while you are in the building. Our online catalog is freely available on the Web wherever you have Web access. You will know that you have landed on a restricted resource when you are prompted for a username and password.

Course Reserves

About Course Reserves

Definition and Purpose of Course Reserves

Course reserves are materials (including books, AV materials, journal articles, electronic resources, instructional equipment, and non-book items) chosen by the faculty to support class instruction. The materials are maintained in a separate location within a library, and access to the material is more restricted than is the access to items in general circulation. The purpose of a reserve collection is to: