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Dining Committee

Committee Members

  • Director of Dining Services 
  • Dean of Students 
  • Residence Life Coordinator 
  • Representative of Facilities Management 
  • Controller 
  • SGA Cabinet Representative 
  • Joint Board Representative 
  • Four At-Large Student Representatives 
  • Faculty Representative 
  • Additional staff and Dining management 


  • To review issues and methods of implementation related to Dining Service operations;

Notes from a Comments Watcher March 2012

Fri, 2012-03-02 09:23 | By Anonymous (not verified)

We move closer to the end of our strategic planning, endeavoring to meet our June deadline for producing the text of a plan. The many ideas generated will need to be implemented, and as we go forward we will need to know what succeeds. What succeeds for the College and what succeeds for the individual student/graduate are two facets of the same question, but they are not identical.  The calibration of institutional success in realizing the strategic plan will demand data, because our questions, to borrow a phrase from an old philosopher, will be infected with quantity.