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Budgeting and Housing

This may be the first time you will be searching for your own housing and living on your own away from family and Grinnell. Whether you are getting paid by your internship organization, receiving a College stipend, or you are using your savings, you may be wondering how you will be able to effectively manage your finances to ensure that you can cover your expenses throughout your entire internship. Below are online resources to help you secure summer housing as well as some basic budgeting tips provided by the Social Entrepreneurs of Grinnell (SEG).

Academic Credit

For credit-bearing internships, Grinnell is unique in that students receive credit based on the academic work completed outside the onsite work hours at the internship organization, not on the number of hours worked at the internship. Students may choose to receive two or four credits for their internship experience, and must secure a Grinnell College faculty member to serve as their Faculty Sponsor for the experience.

Funding an Internship

Current first-, second-, or third-year students may apply for competitive funding for unpaid summer internships to offset the costs of food, transportation, and housing of an 8- to 10-week, full-time summer internship, provided they have your internship secured at the time of application. The CLS annually awards over $275,000 to students who are pursuing unpaid summer internships. These funding opportunities are competitive and look for clarity in presentation, support from the sponsoring organization/agency/business, academic preparation, and a link to the applicant’s interest.

Grinnellink Internship Program

The Grinnellink internship program offers summer internship opportunities that have a connection with College alumnus and/or friends of the college.

Grinnellink internships provide Grinnell College students with quality experiences to build on their academic background, develop professional skills and confidence, and to foster career exploration. Sites include opportunities in art and design, biotechnology, environmental issues, financial analysis, healthcare, legal services, museum studies, non-profit management, and social services.