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Bucksbaum (Arts)

Name: Bucksbaum Center for the Arts
Nickname: Bucksbaum
Address: 1108 Park St.
Purpose: Houses the College’s fine arts programs: art, music, and theatre and dance, as well as galleries and theatres
Year built: 1961; renovated in 1999

Burling Library

Name: Burling Library
Nickname: Burling
Address: 1111 Sixth Ave.
Purpose: College library
Year Built: 1959; renovated in 1982
Named for: Lucy Burnham Burling of Eldora, Iowa, the mother of Edward A. Burling, a member of the class of 1890.

Noyce (Sciences)

Name: Robert N. Noyce ’49 Science Center
Nickname: Noyce
Address: 1116 Eighth Ave.
Purpose: Houses the departments of biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, physics, and psychology.
History: Construction on the original two-wing science center began in 1951, with an addition in 1964 and then in 1986. Extensive renovation and expansion began in 1995 and again a decade later. It was renamed the Noyce Center in 1997.