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Box Office Manager

Box Office Manager

Job Description: The Box Office Manager is the public face of the department. He or she is responsible for coordinating all ticketing for events taking place in the Bucksbaum Center for the Arts, including Theatre Department productions, Music Department concerts, Public Events engagements, and other events. The Box Office Manager also trains all Box Office employees on an ongoing basis and coordinates work schedules to ensure smooth operation of the Box Office. Minimum of 4-5 hrs/week scheduled/flex time when Box Office is open.

Production Assistant/Bookkeeper

Production Assistant/Bookkeeper

Job Description: The Production Assistant/Bookkeeper works closely with the Technical Director to maintain the financial records of the department. The student in this position also performs other miscellaneous tasks at the direction of the Technical Director, including sorting and filing production slides and optional videotaping of performances. Minimum of 1-2 hrs/week flex time.


The Student Educational Policy Committee, or SEPC, is a student-faculty liaison group which provides faculty with student input on professors, candidates, curriculum, and other departmental issues. It also organizes social events within the department.

Open Space Productions

The Open Space Production Season provides an opportunity for interested and qualified individuals to produce theatrical events of their own initiative.  Within a given academic year, the Department of Theatre and Dance recognizes that the co-curricular, main stage season will encompass many performance genres and production styles but cannot incorporate the diversity of theatre and dance performance in its entirety.  Open Space productions exist for those students (and/or staff) wishing to augment the main stage season with a production of their own choice.  The Department of Theatre and Da

Dance Ensemble

Grinnell’s  student dance ensemble offers opportunities to work with renowned choreographers as well as to create new dances. Ensemble members study contemporary dance and related techniques and perform each semester. The company’s performances are produced by the Department of Theatre and Dance.

Membership in the Ensemble requires:

Theatre and Dance Internships

5th Year Internship

Internship Description: The 5th Year Internship provides an opportunity for a student to have a “real world” transitional experience. The intern gains this experience by working in the scene shop (with Erik Sanning, Technical Director) and/or the costume studio (with Erin Howell-Gritsch). The intern also has the opportunity to work on his or her portfolio and to take additional college classes (either for credit at the Alumni course rate or as an audit).


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