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Faculty awarded grants to support interdisciplinary teaching and research

Six faculty received grants through the College’s current award from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which supports faculty in the humanities and humanistic social sciences who seek to learn new skills to enhance their teaching and research.

Professor David Cook-Martin was awarded an Academic Enterprise Leave to study social networking analysis. He will incorporate this methodological approach into his research project on global networks of highly skilled workers; he also plans to teach it to students in his methods course.

Faculty Grant Request Form (Print Out)

Request to Committee for the Support of Faculty Scholarship

 Due in Dean's OfficeThird Friday in August - Academic Year grant requests (awarded by mid-September)Third Friday in September - Academic Year grant requests (awarded by mid-October)First Friday in February - Summer 499 MAP Funding requests (awarded by mid-March) third Friday in February - Summer Faculty Research/Scholarship grant requests (awarded by late March)

DATE: ___________________________________________________________________________

Faculty Travel Request (Print Out)

Faculty Travel Request


NAME ___________________________________________________

_______ First Meeting; _______ Additional Meeting

1. Statement of plans

Meeting _________________________________________________

Dates ___________________________________________________

Location _________________________________________________

Check all that apply:

_____ attendance

_____ participant

_____ paper

_____ panelist

_____ by application

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