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Academic Success Workshops for Fall 2014

Time Management – Belinda Backous

Date: Wednesday, October 8

Time: 12:00 p.m.-12:45 p.m.                                  

Location: JRC202                                                  

Get a grip on stress:  learn how to manage yourself and your time in this intellectual playground we call college.  Take a personal time survey, discuss common pitfalls of time management and receive tools to help you be successful at Grinnell.

Theater and Dance

Within Theatre and Dance, there are five areas of emphasis: acting/directing, performance studies, dramaturgy, stage design, and dance/choreography. History, criticism and theory are integrated with practice in our course offerings and consequently, performance opportunities exist within most of our courses as well as in our mainstage productions. First year students and non-majors often participate in our mainstage productions. There are many routes to a major, depending on general interest and/or emphasis.


All entering students who have previously studied Spanish will receive a letter from the Spanish Department informing them of their placement. Only the students with  an AP Spanish language or literature score of 4 or 5 or with no clear placement based on high school transcript will have to take the Placement Test during New Student Orientation (it is not administered at any other time). The department uses the results of the Placement Test to recommend the appropriate starting point for each student.


Many Sociology majors study off campus for a semester, typically during the third year. The Department strongly encourages off-campus study, as well as internships, and helps students, with early planning, adjust their four-year plans to incorporate such opportunities.

The Sociology major begins with Sociology 111, which introduces students to the concepts, theories, and methods of the discipline and is a prerequisite to all courses at the 200 level.