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Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement Across Campus

Philanthropic Endeavors through Community Enhancement

The Office of Community Enhancement & Engagement supports the college’s core mission by helping our hometown become an even stronger place to live, work, and study. Serving as a liaison between Grinnell College and the surrounding community, the office administers the college’s gifts and grants, and actively facilitates other town/gown connections to enhance the experience and vitality of life in Grinnell.

Service Awards and Prizes

Grinnell’s commitment to social justice and serving the common good is reflected in the college’s strong philosophy of student self-governance and personal responsibility, as well as in campus programs and initiatives that encourage students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the larger community to learn about civic issues and effect positive social change. Each year through various scholarships, fellowships, and awards the college recognizes individuals for outstanding commitment and innovation in serving the common good. Below are a few examples of such awards. 



OrgSync is a Campus Engagement Network in which you can:
1. Find forms and applications. For example: Service Transportation requests, AltBreak & ReNew applications, Community Service Work-Study applications, etc.
2. Browse service opportunities provided by student organizations and community partner organizations.
3. Register new student organizations
4. Create co-curricular profiles that track your activities, service participation, and professional skills.
5. Manage student organizations' projects and memberships

Mission & Goals

Welcome to the Service Learning and Civic Engagement Office!

The students, faculty, and staff of Grinnell College have long been committed to social responsibility. Grinnell was a center for abolitionist activity before and during the Civil War, and it later played a key role in the Social Gospel Reform Movement. During the New Deal, President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Grinnell alumni—including Harry Hopkins, Paul Appleby, and Hallie Flanagan—to positions in his “New Deal” administration.

Community Partners

Whether you are a student looking to connect to the community in a meaningful way, a faculty member wanting to add a service component to one of your courses, or staff member interested in a new project, the Service Learning and Civic Engagement Program can assist you in connecting with local organizations. Susan Sanning, Assistant Director of Service Learning and Engagement, is happy to talk with you and help you explore opportunities that match your individual interests, needs, and strengths.