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Student Activity: Budget and Funding Request Form

The Student Activity Fund is administered through the Office of Student Affairs. This fund has been
established to support student initiated events and activities. The fund is intended to provide students with
another avenue to acquire funds to produce an event/activity, travel to organized competitions, present a
paper at a professional conference, etc. This fund is not intended to become a fund that provides a regular
operating budget for organizations within a specific year nor in the long term. It is to be noted that there

PCPOP Peer Mentor Application 2014-2015


Thank you for applying for the Peer Mentor position. The Peer Mentor Pre-Orientation Program (PCPOP) is a full year commitment. We are excited to review you as a candidate for the program. Below you will find the mission of Peer Connections Pre-Orientation Program and what is expected of a peer mentor in the Peer Connections Program.

OIEL Funding Request Form

Please submit a completed application form for review one week (1) before your proposed event. You will be notified of our decision 2 – 3 business days after you submit your request.

*Note* Attendance records will be checked when considering budget requests. Submissions from organizations that do not meet stipulated attendance requirements will not be considered.

Any questions should be directed to [oia].

Intercultural Engagement and Leadership

Intercultural Engagement and Leadership provides support to students of color and first generation college students to help them succeed academically and personally at Grinnell College, a rigorous liberal arts college. The major objective of Intercultural Engagement is to help every domestic student of color and first generation student proudly receive a Grinnell College diploma. The Intercultural partnerships center on advising, programming, and the utilization of academic resources to build student  success and intellectual capital.