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Mentored Advanced Projects (MAPS)

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During the summer, Jenny Weber ’07 and I worked with Professor Karla Erickson on a project initially called "Laboring at the End of Life." At first, we had proposed a joint paper on formal and informal caregivers to those who are dying. In the midst of our separate literature reviews and research, however, the three of us parted ways somewhat.


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The Collaborative Bibliography of Women in Philosophy. An excellent bibliographical database, searchable by author, keywords and other terms. Describes itself thusly: "This bibliography is a project in collaborative scholarship with a database now containing over 11,000 records representing the work of over 3,500 women."


Blackwell Publishers' Guide to On-line Philosophy Resources

"The goal of this list is to be useful not comprehensive. Several fairly comprehensive sites exist with certain strengths and weaknesses; you can find pointers to them here. The number of philosophy-related sites can be overwhelming, and some are far more useful, helpful, and current than others. Our hope is that this site can help steer your toward the information you are after more quickly. Sites which are not available in English.