Alumni Relations

Associate Director of Alumni Relations
Chaney Jayn
Director of Alumni Relations
Dobbels, Nate
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations for Career Programs

Nate helps connect students to Grinnell alumni through various engagement opportunities via a joint appointment with the Center for Careers, Life, and Service and the Office of Development and... read more

Drake Melanie
Asst. Director of Alumni Relations for Admission Programs
Email: drakem[at]grinnell[dot]edu

What I Do

Work with alumni volunteers who are interested in assisting with admission efforts (our... read more

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Alumni Relations Assistant
Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations
Alumni and Donor Services Assistant
Technical Assistant I
Development and Alumni Relations Receptionist
Alumni Relations Assistant
Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Angela oversees a new program that integrates alumni into select courses across the curriculum, where they provide salient examples of how liberal arts educations can equip Grinnell students with... read more