Program Assistant

Annie is responsible for all aspects of the Chemistry Stockroom operation. This includes maintaining an inventory of chemicals and supplies, ordering and approving payment for materials, and... read more

Professor, Emeritus

Research Professor Erickson has maintained an active research program in nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectroscopy, the co-ordination chemistry of platinum group metals, kinetics and... read more

Graham Andrew
Assistant Professor
Heriberto Hernandez, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor

Professor Leggans primary responsibilities are teaching the introductory course and laboratories for the Organic Chemistry (CHM 221-222) and General Chemistry (CHM 129). His research focus is in... read more


We study the molecular pharmacology of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs). These ligand-gated ion channels are the seat of nicotine addiction and are implicated in a wide range of... read more


Visiting Professor of Chemistry

Professor Emeritus, Drake University


Research:  Professor Lyons' research interests center around a class of materials called electrolytes which are ion conducting solutions (liquids or solids). The topic encompasses physical... read more


Professor Marzluff teaches Physical Chemistry (CHM 363, 364), General 
Chemistry (CHM 129), Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry (CHM 210) as well as 
the Policy Studies seminar (PST320... read more


On Leave Academic Year 2012-2013   Research Professor Minelli's research deals with the synthesis and characterization of molybdenum compounds. Molybdenum compounds act as catalysts for a number... read more

Associate Professor

Research Professor Mobley's research interests involve the application of physical organic techniques to organometallic compounds. His current research involves the synthesis of transition metal... read more

Assistant Professor
Technical Assistant/Chemical Hygiene Officer

Mike is responsible for a wide range of technical details that support the instructional program of the Chemistry Department. These include maintenance of laboratory equipment, preparation of... read more

Associate Professor

Professor Sharpe is interested in the development of environmental chemical sensors based on fluorescent, powdered, semiconductor materials. He and his students have found that... read more

Associate Professor

email: sieckste[at]grinnell[dot]edu


Professor Sieck's research is focused on the development of new synthetic organic methodology to... read more

Associate Professor

Professor Trimmer is interested in the structure and mechanism of enzymes. Her research has focused on enzymes that perform oxidation/reduction reactions using the coenzyme flavin. She is... read more