Financial Aid Staff

Financial Assistant

the Office of Student Financial Aid that you'll meet. I answer calls and often sit at the front counter to greet our visitors. My job is to help families by explaining the financial aid... read more

Financial Aid Counselor

Over the course of my 13 years working at Grinnell College (all of them in the Office of Student Financial Aid), I have held different positions. Currently, I am a financial aid counselor and my... read more

Brads Lindberg
Director, Office of Student Financial Aid
Document and Loan Assistant; Financial Aid & Admission

I just began my position in the Office of Student Financial Aid in October 2012 (prior to that, I worked for Verizon for 27 years), and I'm very excited to be working for Grinnell! As the document... read more

Pamela Sittig
Associate Director of Financial Aid

I've worked in financial aid for almost 25 years and at three different schools. Since 1996, I've been in Grinnell's Office of Student Financial Aid, where I do a little bit of everything! That... read more

Associate Director of Student Financial Aid

I've worked at Grinnell College in the Office of Student Financial Aid since September 1986. Time flies, so I must be having fun! I really enjoy the work I do, especially the personal contact with... read more