ITS Staff

Information Technology and Audio Visual Support Specialist
Business Process Analyst/Programer
Senior Business Process Analyst/Programmer
Conner Mike
Senior Instructional Technologist

My educational background and a part of my professional history were focused on using technology to enhance language learning.  Linguistics and language pedagogy are still an interest of mine, but... read more

Project Manager for Physical Infrastructure
Eccles, Julie
Administrative Assistant I
Associate Director of Network Services
Applications Project Coordinator/Business Process Analyst
Business Process Analyst/Programmer
Service Desk Manager
Assistant Director of User Services
Audio-Visual Services Team Leader
Technology Services Desktop System Team Lead
Senior Intranet Architect
Project Manager, Applications
Ludwig Linda
Information Technology Training and Communication Specialist
Web Services Team Leader
Associate Director of Budget, Analysis, and Planning for ITS
Assistant Director of Enterprise Systems
Web Developer
Instructional Technologist

Technical experience in Blackboard (Pioneerweb); Microsoft Office software; Adobe Creative Suite; ArcGIS; and survey technologies in Pweb, Google Docs, and Vovici. Experience presenting in-class... read more

Network Specialist
Information Technology and Audio Visual Support Specialist
Audio-Visual Support Specialist
Associate Director of Project Management
Technology Services Support Team Lead
Business Operations Assistant
Network Specialist
Technology Support Assistant