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Selected Research Students & Projects:

Nicholas Hill '09, "€œObservations of the Crab Pulsar Light Curve at Optical Wavelengths"

Rosie Malsberger '09, "Galactic... See this person's full profile

Professor, Senior Faculty
Rattleback Physics Research link to Zeiliger's group Tutorial on the Physics of Pumping a Swing 3-2 Engineering Program

Selected Research Students & Projects

Greg Dyer '04, "Magnetic phase diagrams of RCo2Ge2 single crystals."Xu Wang '04, "Effect of site dilution on... See this person's full profile

Physics Technical Assistant
Professor, Emeritus/Emerita

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The study of high-energy gamma-rays incident on the earth's atmosphere from astrophysical sources through the Veritas Collaboration consumes most of my... See this person's full profile

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  Selected Research Students & Projects Eric Larson '06 and Mahi Demissie '06: Low-energy positron spectroscopy. Claire Christensen '03: Quantum theory of light. Liz Hipp '06, Kat... See this person's full profile

Associate Professor
Publications: "Optimizing Thomson's Jumping ring"
Synopsis: P. J. H. Tjossem and E. C. Brost, Am. J. Phys. 79 (4), 353-358 (2011). We explain a mass resonance of a famous alternating... See this person's full profile
Associate Professor
Selected Research Projects and Students Non-proton NMR/MRI - Fatemeh Elahi '12, Andrew Marcum '12 Quantum vs Classical: an exploration of spin coherence - Wenyang Qian '12 MRI motion... See this person's full profile