Political Science

Assistant Professor

I teach courses in Global Development Studies and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). My research focuses on the intersection of democratic decentralization and climate change adaptation in... read more

Professor, Senior Faculty

While his initial research agenda was on mass attitudes and behavior in Africa, over the last decade his research has focused on comparable phenomena in Russia. In particular, he is concerned with... read more

Assistant Professor

I am finishing my book manuscript, entitled:  Let Me Be a Refugee: Asylum Seekers, International Law, and Administrative Justice.  The book is a comparison of the refugee status determination... read more

Assistant Professor

I teach Policy Studies and American Politics. My current research focuses on voting rights and social policy in the U.S. I am also interested in civil society (nonprofit) studies,... read more

Assistant Professor

Department Chair: Russian, Central and Eastern European Studies

Danielle Lussier is an assistant professor in political science. Her research focuses on democratization, the political... read more

Rosenfield Professor of Political Science
Professor, Emeritus
Assistant Professor
Professor, Emeritus/Emerita

Department Chair: Latin American Studies

Before joining the Grinnell College faculty in 1991, Professor Willis taught political science and political economy at Boston College and Tulane... read more