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Arnold Adelberg portrait
Professor, Emeritus

Arnold's research interests lie in number theory and algebraic geometry. He recently published the paper "Bounds of divided universal Bernoulli numbers and universal Kummer congruences," (with S.... read more

Jeffrey Blanchard portrait
Assistant Professor

Jeff is an applied harmonic analyst studying composite dilation wavelets and compressed sensing. With applications to digital signal processing, these fields explore the mathematics of efficient... read more


Evolutionary Ecology

The study of biodiversity has historically been conducted within two disciplines, with community ecologists addressing the mechanisms that maintain diversity and... read more

Burrack Laura
Assistant Professor

Molecular Cell Biology/Genetics

I am interested in how organisms, particularly microorganisms and cancer cells, balance genome stability with adaptation to stress. In the Burrack lab, our... read more

Professor, Senior Faculty

Selected Research Students & Projects:

Nicholas Hill '09, "€œObservations of the Crab Pulsar Light Curve at Optical Wavelengths"

Rosie Malsberger '09, "Galactic Spectroscopy: The... read more

Campbell, David
Henry R. Luce Professor of Nations and the Global Environment

Department Chair : Environmental Studies

Tropical Ecology

My research is in the ecology and species composition of tropical and subtropical forests in both the Paleotropics and... read more

Chamberland Marc
Myra Steele Professor of Mathematics

Marc Chamberland enjoys teaching a diverse set of courses in the mathematics curriculum. With the support of an NSF grant, he has developed materials to emphasize computer discovery.

Marc... read more

Professor, Emeritus

Selected Research Students & Projects

Greg Dyer '04, "Magnetic phase diagrams of RCo2Ge2 single crystals."Xu Wang '04, "Effect of site dilution on magnetic... read more

Associate Professor

Department Chair: Technology Studies

I joined Grinnell College in 1999. My education includes a B.S. in Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA, and a M.S. and Ph.D. in... read more

DeRidder ben
Associate Professor

Plant Molecular Biology

My research focuses on the response of plants to environmental stress at the molecular and biochemical levels, and utilizes both crop and model plant species. Most... read more

Duke Charlie
Professor, Emeritus/Emerita

Current Research Interests

The study of high-energy gamma-rays incident on the earth's atmosphere from astrophysical sources through the Veritas... read more

Eckhart Vince

Department Chair: Biology

My students and I try to determine: (1) how natural selection shapes plant reproduction, life history, and physiology; and (2) why plant species occur where they... read more



Society for Research in Child Development
International Society on Infant Studies
American Psychological Association - APA Monitor (publication)
Developmental... read more

Professor, Emeritus

Research Professor Erickson has maintained an active research program in nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectroscopy, the co-ordination chemistry of platinum group metals, kinetics and... read more

Christopher French
Associate Professor

Christopher's research involves the study of association schemes. This study originally arose in statistics, but has since yielded applications to a wide variety of other fields, including coding... read more


My main focus of research is on implicit memory, the influence of past experience that facilitates or biases current performance in the absence of conscious recollection. I have explored this... read more

Graham Andrew
Assistant Professor

Microbial Genetics/Molecular Biology

I am interested in DNA repair mechanisms and recombination. These processes are essential for the protection of organisms from DNA-damaging agents such... read more

Professor, Emeritus

Gene's greatest interest for many years has been the use of computing in teaching and learning mathematics. The most significant result of his efforts in this area is the textbook which he... read more

Heriberto Hernandez, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor

Department Chair, Biological Chemistry

I am interested in microbial diversity and bacterial adaptations to the environment.  I currently work with undergraduate researchers on two... read more

Associate Professor

I am a fungal biologist and I teach in the Biology Department at Grinnell College - a four-year liberal arts undergraduate institution in Iowa, U.S.A. In our department, all faculty members teach... read more

Associate Professor

I am an ecosystem ecologist teaching at Grinnell College - a four-year liberal arts undergraduate institution in Iowa, U.S.A. All faculty in the Biology Department teach the introductory course (... read more

Professor, Emeritus/Emerita

When Chuck moved from Senior Faculty Status to Professor Emeritus, he gave up his last teaching related duty: conducting summer research with Grinnell students. This was an activity he began in... read more

Associate Professor

Jeff came to Grinnell in 2009, and was previously a faculty member at Mississippi State University and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, where he taught a variety of statistics... read more

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor

Cognitive performance depends on the interactions of many processes at many scales nested in time and space. Damian Kelty-Stephen's work investigates these interactions in terms of time-series... read more

Assistant Professor

Complete list of publications.
Personal Website

Associate Professor

Professor Kuiper’s courses at Grinnell emphasize the application of statistics to multiple disciplines, a topic she also emphasizes in her research. Prior to teaching, she worked as a senior... read more

Assistant Professor

Professor Leggans primary responsibilities are teaching the introductory course and laboratories for the Organic Chemistry (CHM 221-222) and General Chemistry (CHM 129). His research focus is in... read more


We study the molecular pharmacology of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs). These ligand-gated ion channels are the seat of nicotine addiction and are implicated in a wide range of... read more


Visiting Professor of Chemistry

Professor Emeritus, Drake University

Patricia A. Johnson Professor of Neuroscience

On Leave Academic Year 2012-2013   Animal Physiology/Neurobiology Neuroscience Web Site In my laboratory we study the chemical synapse, a specialized junction where neurons communicate with... read more


Department Chair : Psychology

Links to Assessment Instruments


Research:  Professor Lyons' research interests center around a class of materials called electrolytes which are ion conducting solutions (liquids or solids). The topic encompasses physical... read more


Professor Marzluff teaches Physical Chemistry (CHM 363, 364), General 
Chemistry (CHM 129), Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry (CHM 210) as well as 
the Policy Studies seminar (PST320... read more

Katherine McClelland
Lecturer, Senior Faculty
Assistant Professor

Joe's research interests lie in mathematical logic. With the tools of logic, he is able to play the spoiler in mathematics by showing that certain statements are either impossible to prove or... read more


On Leave Academic Year 2012-2013   Research Professor Minelli's research deals with the synthesis and characterization of molybdenum compounds. Molybdenum compounds act as catalysts for a number... read more

Associate Professor

Department Chair: Chemistry

Research Professor Mobley's research interests involve the application of physical organic techniques to organometallic compounds. His current research... read more

Professor, Emeritus/Emerita

Emily's research is in combinatorics. She has published papers in graph theory (where G is a graph, v is a vertex, and chi is the chromatic number of a graph) and in difference sets (where G is a... read more

Professor, Emeritus/Emerita

My scholarship has mostly been in statistics education, where I have contributed journal articles, organized and participated in sessions and panels at national meetings, edited one book for the... read more

Assistant Professor

Chris taught statistics at Washington High School before moving into administrative work as an assessment specialist in the Cedar Rapids, IA, community schools. He comes to Grinnell after teaching... read more

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor

Jen works in a field of math called arithmetic geometry. Her research blends ideas from geometry, algebra, and number theory. And no, it doesn't mean that she is any good at arithmetic. When she... read more

Associate Professor

Developmental Genetics and Cell Biology

Directed changes in the shape of epithelial sheets are required to create many of the major tissues in animals, including the intestinal system,... read more

Member, Peace and Conflict Studies Committee

Comparative physiology and functional morphology; exercise physiology & psychology I was originally trained as a comparative physiologist and functional morphologist, but since coming to Iowa... read more

Assistant Professor

Chris Ralston  is a licensed psychologist in the state of Iowa. As a co-author of the Juvenile Sexual Offender Recidivism Risk Assessment Tool - II (JSORRAT-II), his research focuses on factors... read more

Sam Rebelsky

Department Chair: Computer Science

You can reach Rebelsky at rebelsky[at]grinnell[dot]edu

Samuel A. Rebelsky is a Professor of Computer... read more

Associate Professor

On Leave at Grinnell in London Fall 2013

I use behavioral and neuroanatomical techniques to study the role of prefrontal cortex in emotion and memory. My current... read more


Plants, like animals, begin life as a single cell, the fertilized egg or zygote. This single cell undergoes growth, cell division and differentiation to produce an embryo, or immature plant. This... read more

Assistant Professor

Current focus of the lab - in a nutshell.

The actin-based motor protein called myosin-10 appears to contribute to the proper structure and function of the mitotic spindle,... read more

Associate Dean

  Selected Research Students & Projects Eric Larson '06 and Mahi Demissie '06: Low-energy positron spectroscopy. Claire Christensen '03: Quantum theory of light. Liz Hipp '06, Kat Gray '06,... read more

Associate Professor

Department Chair: Psychology

As a clinical and health psychologist, I strive to understand the physical, psychological, and social complexities of health and illness. I am interested in... read more

Associate Professor

Professor Sharpe is interested in the development of environmental chemical sensors based on fluorescent, powdered, semiconductor materials. He and his students have found that... read more

Associate Professor

Department Chair: Mathematics and Statistics

When Karen went to college, she was convinced that she would be an English and history double major. Her first-year proof-based calculus class... read more

Associate Professor

email: sieckste[at]grinnell[dot]edu


Professor Sieck's research is focused on the development of new synthetic organic methodology to... read more

Associate Professor



Cell Biology / Developmental Biology

I am interested in the formation of sensory structures during neural development in vertebrate embryos. Most of my work with students at Grinnell has... read more

Dack Professor of Chemistry
Associate Professor

Department Chair : General Science



Assistant Professor

On Leave Academic Year 2012-2013

Associate Professor

Professor Trimmer is interested in the structure and mechanism of enzymes. Her research has focused on enzymes that perform oxidation/reduction reactions using the coenzyme flavin. She is... read more




Walker, Henry.JPG
Samuel R. and Marie-Louise Rosenthal Professor of Natural Science and Mathematics

Distinguished Educator, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

2013 Award for Lifetime Service to the Computer Science Community by ACM's Special Interest Group on Computer Science... read more

Walker, Waldo02.JPG
Jerod Weinman
Assistant Professor

Department Chair: Neuroscience

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

On-Campus Address: 

 ... read more

Associate Professor

On Leave Academic Year 2012-2013
Publication List for Sujeev Wickramasekara PDF
Research Statement for Sujeev Wickramasekara PDF

Associate Professor

Department Chair : Physics

[willig] @

Selected Research Projects and Students

  • Non-proton NMR/MRI - Fatemeh Elahi '12, Andrew Marcum '12
  • Quantum... read more
Royce Wolf
Associate Professor

Royce studies spherical virtual knots, a concept defined and explored by his summer research students. Characterizing these knots relies on interplay between combinatorics, topology and algebra.... read more