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The mission of the ISO is to promote international understanding within and beyond the College community. ISO encourages students to broaden their horizons and explore and experience different cultures. Our organization also acts as a networking group for members.

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Note: Joining the ISO Facebook Page does not make you a voting member of the organization. Membership is only available to Grinnell College students, and you can request membership by emailing the group.

2020-21 ISO Cabinet

  • Puravi Nath

    Puravi Nath ’21, President

    Puravi (she/her/hers) is a fourth year from Kolkata and Bangalore, India, majoring in psychology. She’s interested in the field of advertising and consumer psychology, and wants to be a brand planner in the future. She is absolutely thrilled to be on the ISO cabinet and wants to support the ISO community in any and every way possible. “I really want to hear you and know you. Please know that I am here for every one of you.” Puravi believes that ISO should be a complete safe space for everybody and a platform for voices, diversity, understanding, support, solidarity, love, and celebration of and for every member of ISO. Her favorite events at Grinnell are Bollywood Gardner and Food Bazaar. Her favorite place downtown is probably Saint’s Rest because it has a relaxed vibe with really cool artwork and amazing iced/hot mocha! Puravi has previously served on the ISO and South Asian Student Organization (SASO) cabinet and is currently an IPOP mentor. She has also been involved on campus as a psychology tutor, student senator, cultural attaché, and has worked closely with International Student Admissions, All Campus Events committee, The Grinnell Press, and as a photographer for The Scarlet & Black and a local Iowan band. She’d love to answer any questions you have! 

  • Aarzoo Bhimani

    Aarzoo Bhimani ’21, Vice-President

    Aarzoo (she/her/hers) is a fourth year biology, sociology, and pre-med student from Switzerland, India, and the U.S. After graduating from Grinnell, she hopes to go to medical school and eventually work as a physician. To Aarzoo, ISO is more than just the events it hosts: it encourages people to bring their differences together and teaches us to appreciate and celebrate them. This mission becomes even more important in the current political environment, where differences are often feared or ostracized. In addition to her involvement with ISO, Aarzoo has also served as an IPOP mentor, is currently a member of the Biology SEPC, and works as a tutor and mentor for the chemistry and biology departments. She’d love to talk to you about any of these things, so please do reach out to her! Her favorite study spot on campus is the round table outside of Kistle Library in Noyce (yes, she is obsessive enough to pick out one specific table from the entirety of Grinnell’s campus). She is also an avid coffee and tea lover: she loves the cortadito at the Spencer Grill! Here’s another fun fact about her: as controversial an ice-cream flavor as it is, she really loves mint-chocolate ice cream (and she swears it doesn’t taste like toothpaste).

  • Vidush Goswami

    Vidush Goswami ’21, Secretary

    Vidush (he/him/his) is a fourth year from Rotorua, New Zealand, and New Delhi, India. He is double majoring in computer science and political science, with an intended concentration in statistics. He is interested in the intersection of data science, journalism, and perhaps tech policy, and would love to work in a role that combines all of them! Vidush feels that ISO serves as a safe space and a community for all international students at Grinnell, and plays an important role in fostering cultural exchange and promoting cultural awareness between domestic and international students on campus. Vidush’s favorite ISO events would definitely be Food Bazaar, and the ISO Pancake Study Break (he feasted on the unlimited pancakes with unlimited toppings). He’s a die-hard yogurt fan, and swears by strawberry and banana flavored yogurt (although he does enjoy some good ol’ blueberry yogurt, too!) On campus, Vidush has previously served on the cabinets of ISO and SASO (South Asian Student Organization), and as the SGA tech advisor, as well as an SGA senator. Vidush is also an IPOP mentor this year, and he’s really excited about that! Feel free to reach out to him @vidushgoswami (IG).

  • Sarah Wig

    Sarah Wig ’23, Treasurer

    Sarah (she/her/hers) is a second year who currently intends to pursue an economics and psychology double major along with a statistics concentration. Her future goal is to work in an industry that aims to understand consumer behavior through concepts of decision making and behavioral economics. She is from New Delhi, India. Coming from a big city to a small town of cornfields, Sarah felt that ISO has played a huge role in helping her find a home at Grinnell. ISO has provided her with a tight-knit support system that relates to the feeling of coming so far to Iowa and has introduced her to so many new and exciting cultures. Currently, she is also an economics tutor, associate at SASO, and a writer for The Scarlet and Black on campus. Her favorite memories in Grinnell include spending way more hours in Spencer Grill with her friends than one should, attempting to study seriously in HSSC, and knocking her friends off the hammocks. She could live on Dhall’s marinara with extra cream cheese pasta and the endless fries with ranch. Her favorite kind of music is Bollywood and if it isn’t yours, please hang out with her so that she can convince you otherwise!

  • Derin Sivoglu

    Derin Sivrioğlu ’23, Social Coordinator

    Derin (she/her/hers) is a second year from Istanbul, Turkey. Though she is undecided in her major, she is considering physics, philosophy, and sociology. She sees herself still in academia, taking part in issues like social and environmental change in the following ten years, regardless of what she majors in. Similarly, she believes that ISO is fundamental in making international students feel belonged to the College community and connecting them in a common ground. As one of the social coordinators, she prioritizes the mental and social well-being of each and every international student. Besides ISO, she spent her last year taking part in Dance Ensemble, working in the dining hall and mentoring in physics classes. Her favorite IPOP activity was the bunny game (“I can’t remember the formal name!”), and her favorite thing about Grinnell culture is the diverse, yet compatible profiles of the student body. Her favorite TV shows are Fleabag and Dark as she is a fan of European TV culture.

  • Nini Pataridze

    Nini Pataridze ’22, Social Coordinator

    Nini (she/her/hers) is a rising third year and is double majoring in political science and history. She also serves as a history SEPC member in college and is part of a dance crew! For her, home is Georgia, the country, where she was born and raised. It is where she realized that she wanted to get involved in politics in order to make a positive change in the future. Nini thinks that ISO serves as an organization that has the same goal: to make a positive impact and shape the college community in a way where everyone feels comfortable and happy. She has many favorite places on campus, but Mac Field in spring is probably the best place to relax, enjoy the weather (when it's nice), and even do homework. Even though the dining hall does not serve her favorite dish from home, Khachapuri (a “cheeseboat” with dough), Dhall brownies are probably her favorite dessert from there.

  • Gyana Singh

    Gyana Singh ’23, Publicity Coordinator

    Gyana (she/her/hers) is a second year from New Delhi, India, and is currently an intended economics and sociology major. She hopes to engage in research and think tank organizations which allow for effective policy decisions. But, if there is anything that the pandemic has taught her, it is that we do not know anything for sure, so until then she is just going where the world takes her! A large part of her world is in Grinnell, and right now she misses everything about it. Be it studying in the Burling Library, or just having the time of her life dancing at Bollywood Gardener, or watching her favorite comfort movie Pride and Prejudice with a cup of hot chocolate in the dorm lounges, she found a community everywhere! However, the most important community for Gyana was ISO. In her eyes, ISO has the most difficult role; that of providing a sense of familiarity along with increased interactions with all that is new to us. She could always count on the members of ISO to guide her, and give her a sense of belonging no matter what. The support of the members encouraged her to take part in multiple activities such as being a part of the South Asian Student Organization (SASO) cabinet, helping organize the Winter Waltz, writing for the S&B and even participating in open mics! ISO has been so important in helping her feel like a bona fide Grinnell student and she cannot wait to use this platform in helping others feel the same!

  • Tino Tazvitya

    Tino Tazvitya ’23, Publicity Coordinator

    Tino (she/her/hers) is a second year student and computer science major, whose home country is Zimbabwe. She intends to improve the technological and educational sectors in Zimbabwe, for example by making high school and primary school education accessible to everyone at a low cost! She thinks the role of ISO is to showcase the different cultures that make up Grinnell, and this is important because Grinnell is made up of people from different cultures. Her favorite class in Grinnell has been Education 101 and her favorite season of the year is summer!

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