Grinnell, Iowa

If the first question you ask about Grinnell is Iowhere?, you’re not alone: a “Where the Hell is Grinnell?” t-shirt is a top-seller at the campus bookstore. But our location — in a vibrant, progressive small town founded by abolitionists in the heart of the Midwest prairie — is a big part of who we are.

A Place to Live

Grinnell has beautiful vintage houses, unique student hangouts, an arts center and museums, and prairie-style architectural gems such as a Louis Sullivan-designed bank. Grinnell is frequently named one of the nation’s best college towns and coolest small towns.

Welcome to Campus

The 120-acre College campus is located just north of downtown, in a neighborhood of beautiful Victorian and Craftsman-style homes and towering oak and cottonwood trees. It contains a mix of academic-gothic and stunning contemporary architecture.

Visit Downtown

Walk south a few blocks from campus to visit Grinnell shops, restaurants, and other attractions.

Explore the Prairie

The College’s 365-acre Conard Environmental Research Area is vast and vibrant lab for biologists, artists, anthropologists, and environmental studies majors. The college is also home to the Center for Prairie Studies a teaching and learning resource for students and faculty.