Grinnell students don’t just want to learn about the world—they want to change it for the better. With one of the core values of Grinnell being social responsibility, Grinnell students are involved in multiple activities on and off campus that demonstrate their engagement with the rest of the globe.

Many of the off-campus study programs offer internships or volunteer activities for students, letting them teach English in Ecuador, for example, or assist the elderly in a French nursing home. The Rosenfield Program and the Global Development Studies Concentration, among other programs, fund summer internships abroad, so that students can do things like work in a perinatal HIV research unit in Soweto, South Africa, or do fieldwork on biodiversity in Western China.

But you don’t need to leave campus to be involved in world events. The Center for International Studies and the Rosenfield Program bring global leaders to campus to meet with and teach Grinnell students. And groups like the Social Justice Action Group or Save the Planet work on campus to address global concerns like poverty or environmental degradation.

Grinnell provides its graduates with a wealth of opportunities to use their education for the common good. The Grinnell Corps program, modeled on the Peace Corps, funds graduates to do service work for a year in China, Lesotho, Namibia, Thailand, and the United States. Other students have won prestigious awards like the Watson Fellowship or a Fulbright Grant to travel and work outside the United States for a year.

At Grinnell, there are no limits on your ability to explore the world and to work on improving it.


"Grinnell put us together. This is the meeting place," says Serbian Kristina Duric '13. She and Californian Cynthia Amezcua '14 talk about international friendships, the global Grinnell family, and living abroad.

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