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The mission of the ISO is to promote international understanding within and beyond the College community. ISO encourages students to broaden their horizons and explore and experience different cultures. Our organization also acts as a networking group for members.

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Note: Joining the ISO Facebook Page does not make you a voting member of the organization. Membership is only available to Grinnell College students, and you can request membership by emailing the group.

2021–22 ISO Cabinet

  • Momi in a kimono holding a peace sign up to her face

    Momi Fukushima ’22, President

    Momi is a fourth-year biochemistry major in the teaching licensure program and is from Ishinomaki, Japan. Her interest of study lies in education, specifically language policy and language education. After she graduates, she hopes to find where her true interest lies in the field of education by volunteering and traveling around the world, like she’s done in the past. Her favorite ISO event is the Food Bazaar because it is the only time (probably in her life) where she can taste many different foods from different cultures — and everything is super delicious! Above all, she loves to meet other students through the events. At Grinnell, she is involved in the Japanese Cultural Association (JCA) and has served as an IPOP Mentor and MOSAIC Editor. Her favorite memories in Grinnell are studying/chilling with her friends in the Rosenfield Center and taking a walk at night around campus or off-campus.

  • Kexin Huang

    Kexin (Sherry) Huang ’22, Vice President

    Kexin is a fourth-year psychology major with a neuroscience concentration from Wuhan, China. She plans to pursue neuroscience research after she graduates. Her favorite ISO event is Food Bazaar because it is a lot of fun to taste the food from around the world with her friends. She will also be an IPOP mentor this year, which she’s super excited about. Sherry enjoys singing, reading manga, and cooking. Recently, she’s been watching other people’s morning routines on YouTube to make up for the fact that she could never get up early.

  • Gyana Singh

    Gyana Singh ’23, Secretary

    Gyana (she/her/hers) is a third-year from New Delhi, India, and is currently an intended economics and sociology major. She hopes to engage in research and think tank organizations that allow for effective policy decisions. But if there is anything that the pandemic has taught her, it is that we do not know anything for sure, so until then she is just going where the world takes her! A large part of her world is in Grinnell and right now she misses everything about it. Be it studying in the Burling Library or just having the time of her life dancing at Bollywood Gardener or watching her favorite comfort movie Pride and Prejudice with a cup of hot chocolate in the dorm lounges, she found a community everywhere! However, the most important community for Gyana was ISO. In her eyes, ISO has the most difficult role; that of providing a sense of familiarity along with increased interactions with all that is new to us. She could always count on the members of ISO to guide her and give her a sense of belonging no matter what. The support of the members encouraged her to take part in multiple activities such as being a part of the South Asian Student Organization (SASO) cabinet, helping organize the Winter Waltz, writing for the S&B and even participating in open mics! ISO has been so important in helping her feel like a bona fide Grinnell student and she cannot wait to use this platform in helping others feel the same!

  • Evaan Ahmed

    Evaan Ahmed ’23, Treasurer

    Evaan (he/him/his) is double majoring in computer science and theater and dance and the intersection of science and fine arts where his heart lies. (Needless to say, he’s a big fan of Jony Ives.) He’s extremely passionate about cars and aspires to make these beautiful machines feel more personal; much like how we are all way more emotionally connected to our phones than we were merely 10–15 years ago. After graduating, he’d love to work at big tech firms with automobile departments. For example, Google has a self-driving taxi service in Phoenix, Arizona, and Apple is predicted to release its own car by 2025. When it comes to ISO, Evaan absolutely loves the Cultural Evening. Cultural Evening ’21 was one of the first major events ISO had since Grinnell adopted public safety protocols and it felt so good to experience the old normal again: “Just remembering the fun we had gets me super excited to make future events even more rollercoaster of a ride.” Outside of ISO, he is involved with the South Asian Student Organization (SASO), Nerf at Noyce, middle school tutoring, and the Student Alumni Council.

  • Jivyaa Vaidya

    Jivyaa Vaidya ’23, Treasurer

    Jivyaa Vaidya is a third-year economics and Chinese double major from Indore, India. After graduating from Grinnell, she hopes to pursue a career in management consultancy or strategy. Jivyaa’s identities as a person of color, a woman, and an international student at Grinnell form the foundations of her desire for change. She loves talking to people and learning from them and being a part of the ISO Cabinet has been a truly wonderful experience for her so far. One of her favorite things about ISO is the warm-hearted and immersive ways it welcomes each student on campus to come and discover the beauty of different cultures. She is very excited for events like the Cultural Evening and the Rave but has a soft spot for wholesome study breaks with delicious snacks. In her free time, she enjoys painting, listening to music, and reading manga, and has also recently started cooking. She has served as the outreach coordinator for the South Asian Student Organization (SASO), and is currently a senator, a member of the Economics SEPC, and a founding member of the Diversity and Inclusivity Club for Economics (DICE).

  • Nick El Hajj

    Nick El Hajj ’24, Social Coordinator

    Nick (he/him/his) is a second-year from Beirut, Lebanon, who intends to major in biology and economics. As a Grinnellian and international student, he sees himself as an instrument for change and as a vital member of his community. In his free time, he likes to go fishing at Arbor Lake, biking along the Rock Creek trail, and golfing at the Grinnell Golf Course. He also enjoys listening to music and engaging in long (or short) debates about anything from trivial topics to serious ones like why Celsius is the superior unit. He can also be seen swiping twice and thrice at Dhall when they have tahini brownies. To him, “ISO is a safe platform that unites people of all backgrounds and encourages them to excel and stand out in their own unique ways.” Feel free to reach out to him @nick_el_hajj (IG).

  • Akshat Tiwari

    Akshat Tiwari ’23, Social Coordinator

    Akshat is an art history major, with the intention to double major with economics, from Kolkata and Hyderabad, India. They enjoy visiting Dublin, Ireland; Mcleodganj, India; Shillong, India; Singapore; San Francisco, U.S.; and their hometown of Kolkata. In their free time, Akshat likes to look at art, visit museums, cycle, play trivia, and practice portrait/amateur photography. An important fact about Akshat is that they played Simba in a Lion King production as a kid, something they are still very proud of! At Grinnell, Akshat runs a radio show for KDIC (a local Grinnell radio station) and is also active with off-campus study programming, studying abroad in Copenhagen (spring 2021) and soon again in Amsterdam (spring 2022).

  • Shrey Agrawal

    Shrey Agrawal ’24, Publicity Coordinator

    Shrey (he/him/his) is a second year student from Nepal and India. He intends on majoring in computer science with a science, medicine, and society (SMS) minor. He also hopes to use technology to introduce products that help science, medicine, and society. He is looking forward to organizing and publicizing the upcoming ISO events — especially the Food Bazaar and Cultural Evening. Most importantly, he hopes to find ways to connect and bring together domestic and international students at Grinnell. He has been involved with GrinTECH, Digital Access Student Leaders Team, and will be serving as a community advisor in his second year. He is happy to assist anyone with questions or suggestions related to ISO events.

  • Kripa Bansal

    Kripa Bansal ’24, Publicity Coordinator

    Kripa Bansal (she/her/hers) is a second-year from Bangalore, India. Currently an intended psychology and economics double major, she has interests in the integration of consumer behaviors and how they affect economic decisions and policies. Her transition from a large metropolitan city to a small town in Iowa was made much easier by the existence of the ISO and the warm, tight-knit community it provides. She hopes to engage with the international community and create a sense of home within Grinnell. Currently, she is the chief editor of the Grinnell Review, the only literary magazine on campus, and a community advisor for Jamaland at Grinnell. Whether it’s having picnics on the golf course or drinking a cup of Lucky Cat coffee snuggled up with a book in a cozy nook of the HSSC, she feels lucky to have found a sense of belonging in Grinnell. Her favorite ISO event is Cultural Evening because it represents the true amalgamation of Grinnell’s colorful and diverse voices by allowing each individual identity of the student body to feel represented and identified on campus. ISO has been essential to her adventures at Grinnell and she can’t wait to let students experience it!

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