2018-2019 Comprehensive Fee





Full Meal Plan (see Meal Options)


Student Activity Fee


Total Comprehensive Fee


The College reserves the right to increase the rates charged with due notice.

Student accounts are billed at beginning of each semester. The above fees will be divided in half for each semester.

If an account is not paid in full by dates listed on the Billing Schedule page or arrangements satisfactory to the Bursar have not been made, the College regards the student's account as delinquent. Students whose accounts are delinquent are not entitled to meals, room, registration, admission to classes, or issue of transcripts. Delinquent balances are subject to a monthly finance charge of 1.5 percent. Grinnell College reserves the right to recover all costs involved with the collection and/or litigations of delinquent accounts.

Activity Fee

The activity fee is charged to all students. This fee funds different types of activities, programs, and events for the benefit of the whole student body.

Damage Deposit

All Grinnell students will make a $100 damage deposit which is included as a charge on the billing statement. This deposit serves as a key deposit and damage deposit for the residence halls and for any fines or charges at the end of each semester. Prior to billing each Fall semester, the $100 level will be replenished. Upon graduation or withdrawal from the College, the unused deposit will be credited to the billing statement.