Student Religious and Spiritual Groups

This is a listing of student led religious or spiritual groups on campus.  See the Chaplain's Office Schedule of Events for a current schedule of meetings and activities or see a Religious Life on Campus brochure. If you wish to add information to this page or have any questions about student religious and spiritual groups, please contact the office at ext.4981 or stop by the CRSSJ (1233 Park Street).

Black Church at Grinnell

A group of students interested in planning a monthly Spirit-filled Christian worship service in an African-American tradition. Guest preachers are invited from Baptist, Pentacostal, and other congregations recommended by the students.  The Young, Gifted, and Black Gospel Choir (YGB) will sing as well as the Praise Group. Everyone is invited to attend. Questions?  or to get involved contact x4981 or shorb[at]grinnell[dot]edu.

Catholic Students Association (CSA)

A group of students interested in maintaining or rediscovering their Catholic faith through meeting other Catholic students, discussing important issues surrounding the church, and participating in volunteer activities. Students gather for bible study at the CRSSJ Sunday mornings prior to attending Mass. Or more information contact ext.4981 or e-mail [CATHOLIC].


Chalutzim (Hebrew for Pioneers), the Jewish student organization, is a diverse community in which students celebrate and learn about Judaism. We hold religious services on campus as well as educational, cultural and social programming. We also participate in interfaith dialogue, multicultural activities and promote diversity on campus. All of our activities are open to everyone.  E-mail [chalutz]

Christian Science Organization (CSO)

The Christian Science Organization is composed of students, faculty, and staff who are striving to perceive the spiritual sense of the Scriptures and to apply this understanding to their daily lives, demonstrating the science of Christianity. At the weekly meetings we explore issues together and share ideas and experiences relating to our individual spiritual progress. Anyone seeking a deeper awareness of the dominion of Spirit and its spiritual resources is welcome to attend. For information on meeting dates and locations, e-mail: [ROBERTDC]

Grinnell College Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Grinnell College Fellowship of Christian Athletes meet on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. in Room F205 of the Bear Athletic Center.  For information contact the Chaplain's Office at ext. 4981 or e-mail [HAMILTON] or [SMITHNAT].

Grinnell Meditation

Grinnell Meditation is a mindfulness practice group for anyone who wants to connect to the present moment and cultivate awareness.  These weekly meetings will be no shorter than 30 minutes, no longer than 1 hour, and will have the following format:  5-10 minutes of basic instruction and approximately 20 minutes of sitting meditation.  There will be an optional discussion group afterwards for those who wish to stay.  We will offer "alternative" meetings whenever we can, such as: walking meditation, guided meditation, visualization meditation, outside sitting meditation, dharma talks, metta meditation, and walking meditation labyrinth!  You can come to any meeting, any time - it doesn't matter if you've never attended before or have no idea how to meditate.  Email [meditation] if you have any questions.

Grinnellians Seeking Christ (GSC)

Grinnellians Seeking Christ is a student group oriented toward following Christ's teachings and creating community.  Students meet weekly to worship, study the Bible, and engage in discussion.  Additionally, GSC is actively involved in serving the larger college and town communities through various service projects.  We adhere to Christ's call for unconditional love, welcoming the participation of people from all creeds, races, ethnicities, genders, regions, and sexual orientations.  For more information contact [GSC].

Grinnell UCC Group

Grinnell UCC is a group of students who are dedicated to exploring the United Church of Christ (Congregationalist) tradition.  We work to find faith and grow together in a religion that supports an open and affirming message and acts through social justice.  We celebrate weekly and bi-monthly services in Grinnell and Des Moines in addition to holding casual meetings throughout the year.  For more information contact [craneade].

Hindu Festivals

For information regarding the celebration of holy days, please stop by the Center for Religion, Spirituality, and Social Justice or email [shorb].

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS)

For information on meeting and worship times and locations, please contact ext. 4981 or email [shorb].

Korean Christians at Grinnell

A group of students who travel weekly to Iowa City for worship.  For information, please contact ext 4981 or email [shorb]

Muslim Prayer Group (MPG) and Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The Muslim Prayer Group meets for weekly prayer on Friday afternoons. Adjunct religious leader, Kamal Hammouda, will lead prayer.  For specific prayer time or additional information contact the CRSSJ Office at ext. 4981 or [hammoudk].

The Muslim Student Association meets weekly for discussion, fellowship and to plan for special events.

Orthodox Christian

An opportunity for Christian Orthodox students gather with Father Basil Hickman, from the Greek Orthodox Church of Des Moines, Iowa. Father Basil Hickman is the adjunct religious leader in the Chaplain's Office, sponsored by the Lilly Endowment Grant. We also celebrate Pascha each spring and organize worship opportunities with Orthodox communities in Des Moines or Cedar Rapids. For more information contact the Chaplain's Office at ext. 4981.

Quaker Friends Silent Meeting

This group gathers every Sunday.  Everyone is welcome!  For more information please contact Nancy or Bob Cadmus at 236-8398 or [cadmusn].

Queer and Christian

Queer and Christian is a student lead group for LGBTQ students who also identify as Christian. This group creates a safe, welcoming space for students to discuss their identities and grow in community. Come to hear and share stories with fellow students about the joys, questions, and struggles we experience as queer Christians.  The group meets weekly and all correspondence will be kept confidential. For information, contact [GSC].

Council on Religious Life

The Council on Religious Life is a group that holds discussion on interreligious topics and current issues in our world. This group meets twice a month and holds campus wide events that include discussion panels and multi-tradition study breaks. Everyone is welcome from any background, tradition, or religion. For more information, please contact the CRSSJ at x4981 or email [laubej].

Pre-Seminary Group

The Pre-Seminary group meets monthly to discuss seminary and religious/spiritual vocation. If you have any questions or wish to come, please contact the CRSSJ at x4981 or email [laubej].

Seventh Day Adventist

For information on meeting and worship times and locations, please contact ext. 4981 for more information.

Unitarian and Universalist (UU)

Unitarianism and Universalism date back to the fourth century, when they arose in response to the Christian doctrines of the Trinity and multiple afterlives, respectively. Unitarian Universalists believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every individual, and respect for the interdependent web of existence. Most UUs also believe that Jesus and other famous prophets were "ordinary" humans, that souls are not punished after death, and that religious insight can come from anyone or anything, not just certain books and certain places. UUs are not required to believe anything specific at all; there is no creed and no dogma. The Unitarian Universalists on campus meet weekly for discussion, worship, and fun and games, which are, according to our beliefs, largely interchangeable. For information on meeting dates and locations e-mail: [UU].

Interested in something you don't see above?

Active groups on campus vary from year to year based on student interest and leadership. Anyone interested in starting a group should contact the Chaplain's office at ext. 4981 or stop by the CRSSJ. We are happy to advertise your meeting times and locations through multiple campus venues. 

The following groups have been active in the past but are currently not meeting:

Buddhist Discussion Group - (Inactive at this time)

Welcomes anyone who is interested to learn or share about Buddhism.  A weekly meeting seeks to prove a comprehensive tour about Buddhist traditions, meditation skills and scripts.

Pagan Discussion Circle (PDC) - (Inactive at this time)

Paganism is not a single religion, but a diverse collection of beliefs. Most pagans draw from a number of different traditions, including Celtic, Native American, Greek, Asian and African spiritualities. Most pagans are very earth-oriented. Some pagans worship a central deity called Goddess. Others worship a God and a Goddess, a single non-gendered deity, or an entire pantheon. Many pagans believe that divinity is found within oneself. Nearly all pagans believe in the importance of finding your own path and creating an individual spirituality. For information on meeting dates and locations e-mail: [PDC].