Departmental Meal Plan Options

Departments who wish to pay for faculty, staff, student, or guests to eat in the Marketplace have several options.

Departments will be billed at the casual door rate.

Signup Sheet

Available at the Marketplace cashier stand. The guest/faculty/staff/student can sign on this sheet when they come in to eat.

To initiate this method call Catering at 641-269-3665.

Arrangements must be made for each day and each meal the department will pay for.

Cashiers at the cashier stand do not know who is able to sign in on the signup sheet; thus there are two options to use this method:

  • Anyone is able to sign in on the signup sheet.
    • The department pays for each person who signs up.
  • Department provides a list of approved guests.
    • This method allows the department control over whose meals they will pay for and eliminates other individuals from signing in.  As guests enter the Marketplace, they simply put their initials next to their name and proceed through the line.
    • The department pays for each person who initials the signup sheet.

An account number to charge the meals must be provided when arrangements are made.

Guest Meal Tickets (gray tickets)

If a department has a guest coming and they want to allow them to eat a specific meal on a specific day in the Marketplace while they are on campus, these cards work very well. 

The tickets are obtained from the Office of Dining and the Pioneer One-Card, Rosenfield Center, second floor, 641-269-3661.

The department purchasing the meals is responsible for filling out the ticket and giving them to their guests.

The appropriate account number to charge must be indicated in the appropriate space on the ticket for it to be redeemable. 

The department is billed for the guest tickets that are redeemed.

Departmental Dollars

Can be used by the faculty/staff to eat in the Marketplace or Spencer Grill themselves, and for a guest.

The owner of the p-card must be present to bring a guest into the Marketplace or Spencer Grill.

Adding departmental dollars to faculty/staff p-cards can be done by contacting the Office of Dining and the Pioneer One-Card, 641-269-3661.     

Dining Dollars

Departments can add dining dollars to faculty/staff p-cards to obtain meals in the Marketplace or Spencer Grill. 

The owner of the p-card cannot use these dollars for guests.

The appropriate account number to charge must be provided at the time arrangements are made.

Billing for Dining Dollars

  • For full time faculty/staff, the total amount added is billed up front, as these dollars do not expire.
  • For visiting professors, only the amount used is billed at the end of their term.

Dining dollars can be added to faculty/staff p-cards by contacting the Office of Dining and the Pioneer One-Card, 641-269-3661.

Guest Cards

Like a p-card. However, it has no photo other than the Gates Tower.

Can be preloaded with a specific number of meals (and dining dollars if needed) for guests/volunteers to use in the Marketplace (and Spencer Grill if dining dollars are added).

The department pays for the number of meals utilized by the guest.

The cards must be returned to dining once the guest has left campus as these are reused. 

The best use of this system is for large groups who will be on campus for a week or more and are allowed access to the Bear Athletic Center.

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