Major Declaration or Change of Major 
Major Declaration (Independent)

A Concentration Declaration Coversheet is needed for all concentration declarations.
Concentration Declaration Coversheet

American Studies (AMS)   AMS Worksheet
East Asian Studies (EAS)   EASWorksheet
Environmental Studies (ENV)   ENV Worksheet
European Studies Concentration (ESC) ESC Worksheet
Global Development Studies (GDS) GDS Worksheet
Latin American Studies (LAS) LAS Worksheet
Linguistics (LIN) LIN Worksheet
Neuroscience (NRS) NRS Worksheet
Policy Studies (PST) PST Worksheet
Russian, Central and Eastern European Studies (RECES)
   RECES - Russian History & Culture
   RECES - Central European
   RECES - Russian Literature & Culture
Russian History & Culture Worksheet
Central European Worksheet
Russian Literature & Culture Worksheet
Technology Studies (TEC) TEC Worksheet

Major/Concentration Drop Form



Special Student Registration
Special Student Registration (High School)
Plan Schedule Worksheet


Independent Study:

297 387 397 (Fall or Spring Only)
499 MAP (Fall or Spring Only)
299/399 Directed Research
499 MAP (Summer Only)
499 MAP Part B Coversheet (Summer Only)
     use only if submitted separately from Part A



AP & IB Credits
Accelerated Graduation Application
Course Change Form
WebAdvisor Registration Override Form
Petition for Ninth Semester
Petition for Committee on Academic Standing
Adviser Change Form
Comprehensive Plan (4 Yr)
Transfer Course Approval
Summer 2015 Guided Learning Registration and Instructions
Summer ACM Cross-Registration Form and Instructions
Travel Intensive Learning Registration Form and Instructions
Change in Cross-Listing Course Form
Emergency Course Withdrawal Application Form
Online Records Update