The full NSO Schedule is now available.

We are excited to see everyone on the 21st! If you have further questions please contact the NSO student intern, Becca Heller, for more information.

Please register for the family sessions if you would like to attend.

If you or a family member requires an accommodation in order to attend or fully participate in this event please contact the event coordinator/host Becca Heller or the coordinator of disability resources, Autumn Wilke.

Students with disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations on campus. An accommodation is any adjustment, modification, or service that allows an individual to experience fuller access to an environment. At Grinnell this may mean additional time for an exam or a supplemental set of notes for a student with a learning disability, a room on a first floor for a student in a wheelchair, a service dog, or the use of an assistive learning technology such as Read and Write Gold for a student with difficulty reading text on a computer. Student accommodations are coordinated and supported by Disability Resources in the Academic Advising Office. To learn more about the accommodation process consider attending Navigating Grinnell: Services and Supports for Students with Disabilities or schedule an appointment with Autumn Wilke, Coordinator of Disability Resources, 641-269-3124.