Live Well Grinnell is pleased to support College employees in their pursuit of wellness by reimbursing 50% of their personal wellness expenses up to $200 ($100 maximum reimbursement) per fiscal year, as funds are available. Expenses may include, but are not limited to:

  • memberships and event entry fees,
  • athletic shoes and apparel,
  • community supported agriculture shares,
  • bicycles and helmets,
  • massages, etc.

If in doubt whether or not your purchase will qualify, please contact Office of Human Resources.

The reimbursement submission form is on GrinnellShare, Faculty and Staff Wellness (login required). All instructions are provided there.

It would be greatly appreciated if you submit a digital picture to Office of Human Resources of participating or achieving a wellness goal for marketing/promotion involving faculty and staff wellness. Just email them directly or attach them along with your receipt files.