Clark Hall

Street Address: 
1410 Park Street
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States
Campus Location: 
North Campus

Residence Life Coordinator



Clark Hall has 28 singles, 9 doubles, and 3 triples and houses 55 students.

Floors Singles Doubles Triples
Pit 10 4 0
First 5 0 1
Second 8 1 2
Third 5 4 0



Clark Hall has three lounges. A lounge is located in the pit, on the third floor, and a larger lounge with a television is located on the first floor.


The Clark kitchen is located next to the lounge on the first floor. It has a stove, an oven, a microwave and a fridge.


A trunk room is located in Clark Pit, and can be used for storing articles.


Clark Hall has access to the laundry facilities in Younker and Dibble.

Computer Lab

Residents of Clark have easy access to the computer labs in the North Campus dorms Norris and Younker.


A recycling facility is located on the first floor of Clark.

Building Details

Offices / Resources: 
Residence Life
Building History: 

Named for Theodore F. Clark, Clark Hall is situated on North Campus.

When President John H.T. Main spoke at the Consecration and Dedication of Clark Hall on June 13, 1920, he noted: "A long time before this group of buildings was realized in brick and mortar, I dreamed about them, and fervently hoped that when they were built that each one would develop in the mind and hearts of those who were to live in it, in some degree, the spiritual ideals that we associate with home life." 


Date of Construction: