Haines Hall

Street Address: 
1201 East Street
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States
Campus Location: 
South Campus

Residence Life Coordinator




Haines has three lounges. They are located on the first and third floor and in the pit. The lounges on the first floor has television and DVD player.


The Haines kitchen is located in the basement and is equipped with a microwave, a stove, an oven, and a fridge.


Haines has a trunk room for storage which is located in the pit.


Nearby laundry facilities are located in Main Pit and Loose Pit.

Computer Lab

Nearby computer labs and printers are located in Cleveland and Read.


A recycling facility is located on the first floor of Haines.

Building Details

Offices / Resources: 
Residence Life
Building History: 

Joanna Harris Haines 1865 was the first woman ever to earn a diploma from a college west of the Mississippi, graduating from Grinnell College at the end of the Civil War. She settled in Grinnell with her husband, R.M. Haines, and they remained dedicated to the College and the community.

Haines Hall (which was then referred to as “Cottage Four” of the South Campus residence halls for women) was named in her honor in 1931. Haines is a located between Read and James.