Harris Center

Street Address: 
1114 10th Avenue
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

The Harris Center is an "event" facility, including a concert hall, a cinema, two concession areas, and an informal lounge. The Grinnell Outdoor Recreation Program (GORP) office and equipment room are also located in the Harris Center.

The Harris Center houses large all-campus functions and weekend student activities. The center serves as a gathering place for student activities such as films, concerts, parties, talent shows, and novelty acts. It is also used for large meetings, wellness programs, orientations, luncheons, and registration.

The courtyard is used for outdoor concerts, movies, and other outside events. A sound system is available.

Visitor and accessible parking is available in the lot to the east. See Maps and Directions for more information.

Building Details

Offices / Resources: 
Campus Operations and Student Activities
Grinnell Outdoor Recreation Program
Building History: 

Built in an eclectic contemporary style to harmonize with the older buildings nearby, the Harris Center was designed by architect Herbert Stone of Brown, Healey, Stone, and Sauer, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Opened in 1990, the center serves as a handsome facility for student activities, including concerts, movies, dances, and other large functions. The facilities include the concert hall, cinema, an attractive glass-walled lounge, and an exterior courtyard for outdoor concerts and other events. The memorial arch on the southwest side of the building honors Grinnellians who gave their lives in the country’s service. The center is named for John H. Harris ’39 and Lucile Hanson Harris ’40, the center’s primary benefactors.