Main Hall

Street Address: 
1221 6th Avenue
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States
Campus Location: 
South Campus

Residence Life Coordinator


Main Hall boasts a student run café in the basement (Bob’s Underground), Gardner Lounge, and an expansive lounge on the first floor. Gardner Lounge, in the basement of Main Hall, has hosted performances by Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and more.


Main Hall has 12 singles and 22 doubles.

Floors Singles Doubles
Second 5 8
Third 5 8
Fourth 2 6

Standard Single

Main Hall standard single looking in   Main Hall standard single looking out   Main Hall standard single built-ins

Standard Double

Main Hall standard double looking in   Main Hall standard double looking out   Main Hall standard double furniture



Main Hall has 3 lounges. It is home to the Gardner Lounge, located in the pit. The remaining lounges are on the first floor, and on the fourth floor. Main Pit is also home to Bob's Underground Cafe, a student run cafe.

Main Hall first floor lounge   Main Hall first floor lounge 2


Main has two kitchens, one is located in the pit and another is on Main fourth. Both are equipped with a stove, an oven, and a fridge. In addition, the kitchen on the fourth floor has a microwave.

Main Hall kitchen


Main Hall has a trunk room for storage which is located in the pit.


Main Hall has an elevator that can access all the floors.


Main Hall hosts a laundry facility in its basement, which has several washers and dryers that can be operated using campus cash from a student's P-Card.

Main Hall laundry

Computer Lab

A computer lab with printing facilities is located on the first floor of Cleveland, the residence hall right next to Main.


A recycling facility is located in Main Pit.

Building Details

Offices / Resources: 
Residence Life
Bob's Underground
Building History: 

Main Hall was named to honor President John Hanson Thomas Main, who conceived of and carried forward the idea of Grinnell as a residential college. Through the investment of about $1 million, the College built the Women's Quadrangle in 1915, and the men's halls in 1916-17. Main Hall serves as the central building of the South Campus residence halls, and at the time of its opening, it included a beautiful drawing room, an inspiring Gothic dining room, and the Little Theatre.

Date of Construction: